Chinese Hackers Infiltrate Vatican’s Computer Network, Know More About Cyber Attack

• Also on the radar of Chinese hackers was the head of the Catholic Study Mission of Hong Kong, which is considered to be the messenger of Pope Francis to China.

Beijing, Reuters | Hackers sitting in the lap of the Chinese government had also infiltrated the Vatican’s computer network. He was also spying on the Hong Kong representative of the Roman Catholic Church. The Vatican has not said anything about it yet. This information has been given by the US cyber security firm ‘Recorded Future’ to detect cyber attacks sponsored by the government of enemy countries. According to the firm, this cyber attack began in May.

Truth revealed by the report of american security firm

This time is important because relations between the Vatican and Beijing were established after an important agreement in 2018, and the renewal of the two sides is expected to be held in September this year. The agreement was for two years over the operation of the Catholic Church in China.

According to the report, he was also the head of the Catholic Study Mission of Hong Kong on the radar of Chinese hackers, who are believed to be Pope Francis’ messengers to China. The same methods were adopted to spy on their mutual dialogue, which Chinese hackers have already tried. A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry in Beijing said that China is a loyal defender of cyber security. China has been denying such allegations. He describes himself as the victim.

Chinese hackers accused of targeting Covid-19 vaccine research

Recently, the US Department of Justice accused two Chinese hackers of stealing secret information worth millions of dollars related to the trade of companies around the world and recently targeting firms developing vaccines for the corona virus.

In recent months, hackers had researched the shortcomings of computer networks of publicly known companies for their work on developing vaccines and treatments, officials said. The case involves charges of theft of trade secrets and fraud against hackers.

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