China doesn’t use others country app, see an alternative application

Even though India has banned 59 Chinese apps, China is bent. And is constantly expressing his displeasure. The funny thing is that China itself does not allow its citizens to use popular social media platforms. From Google to Facebook and WhatsApp are banned in China. How China’s cyberspace is banning social media sites can be understood with the help of social media platforms.

DouYin instead of TikTok

What is special is that Chinese citizens cannot use the TikTok application. Instead, they have been given the option of the DouYin app, which can only be used in China.

Baidu Tieba instead of Google

Citizens are allowed to use Baidu Tieba in China instead of the search engine Google. It works like Google but only shows in Chinese and Chinese sites.

WeChat instead of WhatsApp

The use of WhatsApp has been banned in China. Instead, users use the WeChat app and only media citizens of China get it.

Sina Weibo instead of Facebook-Twitter

People living in China cannot use social media sites on Facebook or Twitter. Instead, the Sina Weibo platform is used in China. Photos and videos can be shared on this microblogging site.

Tencent QQ instead of Messenger

In China, Tencent uses QQ Messenger to prevent users from using services like Facebook Messenger. This is made especially with the Chinese language UI.

Tencent Video Instead of YouTube

YouTube is not used to watch videos in China and users rely on the Youku Toudo service. The most popular video-sharing platform is Tencent Video in China.

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