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Buying a ‘smartphone’ can become a unique experience | Technology

Buying a 'smartphone' can become a unique experience |  Technology

Thinking of buying a smartphone or other device? In addition to comparing brands, functionalities and, of course, prices, it is important to assess what benefits or added services each operator and department store can offer. They are not all the same. The form and ease of payment, the opportunity to return the old terminal and recover part of the money invested, the possibility of taking out insurance that covers any contingency (such as theft) or access to a replacement telephone in case of breakdown are matters to have in count.

Vodafone Flex responds to all the needs that arise during the acquisition of a new smartphone or device. The program not only makes purchases more affordable, it also helps each customer get the most out of using a product. Vodafone thus becomes the first operator to offer a complete purchasing experience for the devices it sells.

All possible facilities

Vodafone Flex extends its advantages beyond mobile telephony. Under the umbrella of the program there is a wide range of innovative devices, from smart watches to electric scooters, through home accessories, such as robot vacuum cleaners. Through Vodafone Flex, the customer can pay one or several devices in installments, in 24 or 36 months and without interest. Brand new technology is (without a doubt) less burdensome.

More benefits. Vodafone Flex includes the service re-premiere, with which direct applicable discounts are obtained in the purchase of a new smartphone or device with the operator. Many of the terminals included in the program already have this additional discount. Re-Estrena is not only a profitable initiative for the client’s pocket, it is also an optimal accomplice to preserve the health of the planet. The delivered mobiles are reconditioned for future use, thus promoting the circular economy.

In line with the policy of seeking the greatest benefits, Vodafone offers Outlet, a proposal, exclusively for Vodafone customers and designed for those buyers who do not give so much importance to the appearance of the packaging of their smartphone or device. The products included in this section are totally new, but show some damage to their original packaging, which is why they have interesting discounts. In any case, they are all covered by a three-year guarantee, the same as the premiere devices.

The products included in the Vodafone Outlet program are totally new, but show some damage to their original packaging, for which they have interesting discounts. Like all of them, they have a three-year warranty.

out worries

The mobile phone has become an essential communication tool in everyday life. For many people, imagining any situation that interrupts this connectivity (such as a breakdown in the terminal) can be a source of concern and sleeplessness. In anticipation of this possibility, Vodafone Flex offers additional services to enjoy with complete peace of mind after acquiring a terminal.

Vodafone Care It is an insurance designed for smartphones with flexible coverage adapted to the budget and needs of each person. It can be purchased through any operator channel, it covers up to three claims a year, which are conveniently managed online from the My Vodafone application, thus avoiding making calls or going to a store.

After-sales assistance also seeks to be manifestly different: Vodafone boasts of having the best on the market. Both smartphones and other devices are repaired in a maximum of five business days. During that time (if they so wish) the customer can access a free phone on loan, requesting it at any Vodafone store or at home with a courier, without having to incur any expenses for it.

Thanks to OneNumber, Vodafone customers can connect their devices (‘smartwatches’, tablets, Alexa Smart Speaker and other phones) using their current mobile number and line (data, minutes and SMS) without having to change the SIM. iStockphoto

connected ecosystem

Via OneNumber, Vodafone customers can connect their devices (smart watches, tablets, Alexa Smart Speaker and other phones) using your phone number. smartphone and current line (data, minutes and SMS) without having to change the SIM. In this way they will be able to get the most out of their devices and use them without having their smartphone close.

OneNumber allows you to synchronize all the content of the smartphone on the connected device. It allows you to receive and make calls, connect to the Internet, access the contact list, the calendar, emails, any multimedia content or music and game applications.

Samsung Galaxy S22 and Xiaomi 12 Pro, at prices without competition

Vodafone has the best catalog of smartphones High-end 5G on the market. Added to its competitive prices, which are sufficiently attractive, are now the advantages provided by Vodafone Flex. Impossible not to be seduced by some of its proposals, like these two examples.
The Samsung Galaxy S22 It is available to new customers for only 17 euros per month, for 36 months and when associated with the Vodafone Unlimited Plus rate. If the buyer avails himself of the Re-Estrena service, in addition to the amount he obtains for returning his old mobile, he will receive an additional 100 euros. In total, the savings can amount to 345 euros on the free price of this model. If we talk about current customers, the price of this terminal is lower: part of 15 euros per month for 36 months (in this case contracting any rate). For this reason, savings can reach up to 419 euros if the additional 100 euros of Re-Estrena are added.
The Xiaomi 12 Pro is also a suggestive alternative. East smartphone, the highest-end of the brand, is marketed exclusively by Vodafone. New customers can purchase it for 26 euros per month (for 36 months and associated with the Vodafone Unlimited Plus rate). In this case, the additional discount of the Re-Estrena program amounts to 150 euros, which brings the total savings up to 311 euros. For those who are already customers, the monthly payment (with the same conditions as the Samsung) is reduced to 20.99 per month, the equivalent of saving up to 494 euros on the purchase.

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