BlueStacks 5 offers optimized RAM usage, faster performance

BlueStacks 5

The last we heard about BlueStacks was in 2018. It was BlueStacks 4.0 that allowed you to play games on your PC better than on your phone. Since then it has gone through a lot of changes and BlueStacks 5 is ready. It allows you to enjoy PC games better than before. It’s more like Android games on PC, making it a double enjoyment. It offers several important improvements and new functions. More good news: the game library offers more than two million games.

BlueStacks 5 enhancements

BlueStacks 5 allows optimized RAM usage, about 40% less. This emulator offers efficient resource consumption and performance so that you can run games more smoothly even when other applications are running simultaneously.

The updated BlueStack has a more minimalist user interface. It’s as light and fast as possible thanks to changes like a slimmer side panel, a more streamlined menu, and important features in the center and front.

Everything is faster with BlueStacks 5. Notice improvements in finding, installing and running applications. The search for new games can now be done within the Google Play Store. Playing games can also be a social experience. It’s possible with BlueStacks 5. Join the largest mobile gaming community with approximately 500 million players.

You can lock the FPS (frames per second) to the refresh rate so that the games run better than before. Then you can expect fewer frame drops. This version it is more stable and with less problems. Other special features include Long Flight, Macro Recorder, Eco Mode, Instance Manager for multitasking, and enhanced security. BlueStacks developers assure players that the program follows the highest data security standards and is GDPR compliant.

You can download and install BlueStacks 5 (Beta) on your Windows 7, 8 or 10 computer. It’s simple, head over to the BlueStacks website. Download the latest BlueStacks installer and then run it. The program will start automatically. Once started, the home screen will welcome you.

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