BitPay card support is coming soon to Google Pay, Samsung Pay

As BitPay has announced that they will add support for Apple Pay, the question of course will be when will it be available for other payment gateways as well. The world’s largest provider of Bitcoin and crypto payments said they will also hit Google Pay and Samsung Pay later this quarter, but no specific date has been set for now. But for now, those who are BitPay Prepaid Mastercard holders in the US can add their card to Apple Wallet and make purchases online and offline.

BitPay’s announcement is of course about the support for Apple Pay but we can roughly expect the same when it is rolled out to Google Pay and Samsung Pay later. Basically, you will be able to link your BitPay Card to the mobile payment platform of your choice later so that you can use your smartphone to make payments in real stores that support that gateway, in applications and with your online purchases.

For those who are still waiting for their physical card, they will also be able to add their virtual card in the meantime through the BitPay Wallet app. This is just part of the company’s efforts to innovate its global blockchain solutions. In this way, it is easier, faster and safer for users to make purchases with their Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The BitPay Wallet itself has been designed so that users find it easier to manage and spend their BitCoin and convert it into dollars and spend with the BitPay Card.

Apart from Bitcoin, the BitPay Wallet app also supports other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash and Ether, as well as stablecoins pegged to the dollar, USDC, GUSD, PAX, and BUSD. Once Google Pay and Samsung Pay support arrives, users will need to have the latest version of the BitPay app installed. Those who want physical cards can apply for BitPay Prepaid Mastercard through the BitPay website.

However, for now, only Apple Pay users will be able to enjoy BitPay Card support. Expect it to roll out to other mobile payment gateways later this quarter.

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