Home Technology News Best Buy Amazon Insignia F50 Series Fire TV Officially Announced

Best Buy Amazon Insignia F50 Series Fire TV Officially Announced

Best Buy Insignia F50 Fire TV

Best Buy Insignia F50 Fire Tv

New smart TVs are available from Best Buy and Amazon. The combination of the two e-commerce and retail sites surprised us all but we think it will work. The latest are the new Insignia smart TVs that use the Fire TV platform. There will also be the Best Buy Toshiba Fire TVs which are expected to arrive with improved specifications and features. Starting with the Insignia F50 series Fire TVs, the new smart TVs will offer narrower bezels. They will also use DTS Virtual-X speaker technology, Dolby Vision HDR, as well as 4K Ultra HD quantum dot technology.

Interestingly, the full specs weren’t listed by Amazon or Best Buy. We just know the main features mentioned above.

We also find it interesting that Best Buy and Amazon are working together. The beauty of this partnership is the ease and speed of purchasing for everyone. For example, you can order from Amazon and pick up your Insignia or Toshiba branded Fire TV units from Best Buy, all within an hour. With this method, the two retail stores can dominate in the smart TV category.

Hubert Joly (President and CEO) of Best Buy said: “Our goal is to enrich the lives of our customers by offering them the best products and services, whether they come to us online, visit our stores or invite us to their home. “

Amazon and Best Buy signed a multi-year agreement in April 2018. Only now are they going into effect with promotions. Look forward to more related product announcements in the coming weeks.