Asus Zenfone Mini could be a more compact Android phone offering

Asus Zenfone Mini concept

ASUS is still expected to launch a new ROG phone. The Taiwanese tech giant has been working on new phones, including a ZenFone Mini. The ASUS ROG Phone 5 is also scheduled to launch sometime in April. There will be no ROG Phone 4 as the brand skips the name and continues with 5. The Chinese believe that the ‘4’ is an unfortunate number. It is the reason why there was no OnePlus 4. OnePlus proceeded to OnePlus 5 from OnePlus 3.

the ASUS ZenFone Mini it will be more affordable. We don’t think it’s the best for gaming compared to the upcoming ROG Phone 5, but the Mini can be a great alternative to the other available mid-ranges. The ZenFone Mini is also said to help ASUS make more profit this year compared to previous years.

ASUS did not perform well in 2020. That is understandable because global shipments were hit hard by the pandemic. ASUS ‘profit was just $ 61.8 million in the third quarter (third quarter 2020). Asus made about $ 42 million on new models and $ 17.8 million on older devices. It did not reach the top 5 smartphone brands of the year.

ASUS can still reverse the poor performance. That plans about his return, especially with the entry of the ZenFone Mini. We assume it will be a medium ranger but with almost premium specs. It could probably rival the Sony Xperia Compact or the Apple iPhone 12 Mini.

ASUS ZenFone Mini launched

When it comes to specs and features, the ASUS ZenFone Mini might have something smaller than the ZenFone 7. The launch could be next month or in April. We look forward to the ASUS ROG Phone 5 gaming phone and this ZenFone Mini.

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