Apple will open its online store in India

The company may also reduce the price of the iPhone to benefit consumers

iPhone maker Apple may open its first online store in India in September ahead of the festive season. According to a Bloomberg report, Apple will launch an online store before Diwali. The company has made this decision as purchases are on the rise during Diwali.

The company currently sells Apple products through third parties
Apple sells all products, including iPhones, through Amazon or Flipkart, or through third-party vendors. Apple CEO Tim Cook said earlier this year that Apple’s first retail store would open in 2021. There are over 100 million mobile users in India, one-third of whom use basic mobile.

Production of the iPhone starts in India
Apple has been focusing on India for a long time. Apple has also started the production of the iPhone in India. Currently, the country has started manufacturing a number of iPhones, including the iPhone 11. It is being produced at Apple’s assembled partners Foxconn and Wistron’s plants. Both companies have started their plants in South India.

Pegatron will also start a plant in India
Apple’s partner Pegatron will also leave China and start a plant in India. According to the report, Pegatron may start a plant in South India. Pegatron is the second-largest iPhone assembler in the world. More than half of Pegatron’s business depends on Apple. Pegatron is assembling the iPhone SE.

Starting an online store can make the iPhone cheaper
According to tech experts, companies pay commissions to third party vendors and eCommerce platforms to sell their products. Commissions will be saved when the online store is launched. If the company wants to give the benefit of this price to its customers, the price of the product may come down. The price of the iPhone could drop if Apple’s online store opens.

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