Apple apologizes for not updating WordPress app

Apple Said- We apologize to the developer for the inconvenience; There was also a dispute with Epic Company this month

The ongoing feud between Apple and WordPress has finally come to an end after Apple apologized. The company says the dispute between Apple and WordPress is over. Apple said that the developer of the app has removed the service payment option. So now it is a free stand alone app. Apple has apologized for the inconvenience caused to the developer.

What was the controversy between Apple and WordPress?
The WordPress app can be downloaded for free on the App Store. The user can create a free website on it. The company did not approve when it released a new update to the app. Matt Mullenweg, the founding developer of WordPress, then accused Apple of not releasing the app update. Matt tweeted questions about Apple’s policy and asked why the update was not released.

“The reason we didn’t release the update was because we were locked out by the App Store,” Matt wrote. We have been asked to provide .com plans in-app purchase support for updates and bug fixes. I know what matters. Allow us another IAP. ‘

The WordPress app is available for free on iOS, according to a report by American tech website The Verge. Apple earns 30% of revenue on paid app purchases on the App Store. So it is natural for the company to have a stomach ache as the features found in a paid app are available in a free app.

Apple misinterpreted WordPress
Apple said in the case that the app is advertising its premium services. Even if users can’t buy that service in the app. Mullenweg removed the payment option when Apple stepped in to block WordPress updates. Just then a dispute started between the two companies.

WordPress is popular worldwide for content management. It has the option to create a free website. On it the user designs his own website for free. This app is also available on Play Store along with App Store.

There was also controversy between Apple and Epic
Earlier this month, Apple and American gaming company Epic Games had a dispute. Apple removed the famous game Fortnight from the App Store. The gaming company bypassed Apple and launched a payment plan for direct users. Click here to find out what this whole controversy is about.

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