Android 12 to allow universal device search from other app launchers

Universal search for Android 12 devices

Google is often called a tech giant, but it has actually started out as a search giant. Google is all about search and the term “Google” is now synonymous with web search. Not surprisingly, people expect Google devices to perform better when it comes to search. It is the reason why the Google Assistant is effective and efficient. When it comes to Android, the search function goes as far as to check the apps, within them, display information and more as part of the search results. That’s certainly useful, but it’s only for the pixel launcher.

There may be other solutions, but good news, Android 12 may include the feature with third-party launchers. In addition to the Google Search home screen widget, when Android 12 arrives, you can enjoy universal device search.

To be honest, the idea is not new. We have seen this before on Mac and Windows computers. Microsoft has Windows Search, while Apple has Spotlight on Mac OS. However, the Google version seems to be better because it even includes search results from the web.

The pixel launcher already does this. The problem is for third party launchers and other apps that have limits and restrictions. There is no official announcement yet, but a AppSearchManager API was spotted by the developer of Niagara Launcher.

We believe in API it is still part of the developer preview. It should be good news for developers who have been working on Android launchers. There are many related launchers available but with certain limits. Cross your fingers Android 12 will bring this particular feature to make universal device search possible.

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