Android 12 operating system update for LG phones will continue to be available

LG Wing Android 12 operating system update

Future software and operating system updates were some of the industry’s biggest concerns when LG announced that it was closing the mobile phone business. Over the weekend, the other South Korean tech giant has made public its decisions to say goodbye to the smartphone market. This was after several months of rumors and probably years of weighing whether to continue designing and selling smartphones. And again, after denying the rumors that had been circulating on numerous occasions.

LG will continue to provide updates. This means Android 11 and even Android 12. As LG redirects its efforts to other companies, it will continue to work on updates and improvements to software, security and operating system. You see, the market share has been negligible not only by Apple and Samsung, but also by those many Chinese OEMs.

Existing LG models will continue to receive necessary updates. They will depend on the market though. In South Korea, after-sales service and warranty will be observed. Spare parts can also be supplied when available. It is not clear until when, but we know that LG is ready to continue serving current mobile customers.

Android 12 update for LG phones

LG also depends on the schedule provided by Google. An Android 12 update may take time to roll out and finish, but LG is committed to working on them.

LG still has many devices in its product line. We don’t expect everyone to be able to run Android 12, but we assume that some of the latest phones we know of will be included, such as the LG Wing, LG V60 ThinQ 5G, and LG Velvet.

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