Android 12 features, leaked improvements before launch

Android 12 Concept Logo

While numerous OEMs are rushing to work on Android 11 for their devices, Google has started developing Android 12. The tech giant has already started, but little is known about the next version of Android. Back in September, we noticed that Android 12 users could easily use third-party app stores. Android 12 can also bring Close Share to share WiFi passwords. Just a few weeks ago, we also mentioned that the Android 12 app pairs might become known as a new split-screen feature.

Android 12 can also take the theme system beyond dark and light. We can wait for more details to be revealed until the first developer version is announced. Google will make an official announcement, but for now, we have information shared by XDA.

Android 12 screenshots and info has been leaked, so we know we have some ideas on the next version of Android. It will come with a new user interface and several new features and improvements, including a new notification panel user interface with an opaque light beige background. Dark mode will continue to be present. The “conversations” section will also be separate from notifications.

Android 12 redesign

You may notice that the notifications have more obvious rounded corners. Quick Settings tiles will now display larger icons because the number of tiles has been reduced from six to four. You may see privacy indicators in the upper right corner while the clock positions and dates have been swapped.

Android 12 can also add new privacy features like a similar warning to the status bar indicators. It can appear when an application is using the microphone or the camera. The “Privacy” setting can also be updated with the toggle button to disable the microphone or camera. Users could more easily access these switches.

Android 12 could update the widgets with new categories like “Conversations”. These “people shortcuts” will be more than useful and accessible, allowing consumers greater efficiency.

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