Android 12 Developer Preview 1 begins rolling out for developers

Android 12 Developer Preview

Android 12 has already been mentioned here several times. As early as September last year, we learned that it would allow users to use third-party app stores easily. We also heard that the App Pairs feature may be known as a new split screen feature. Earlier this month, some features and enhancements were leaked before launch. It can feature the Material NEXT layout and more UI changes, including a face-based auto-rotate feature. We were just anticipating the Android 12 Developer Preview and it’s here.

Android 12 Features

Android 12 features and enhancements will improve security and provide more utility and simplicity for IT. The new Android also makes the mobile operating system more private and more useful for employees. The developer preview is now available. This means OEMs and developers can test the new version.

Various problems can be found, but that is normal for preview versions. There will be several launches and this is the first. Android 12 simplifies password complexity. No need to think or remember complex passwords, Android will present preset complexity levels (high / medium / low) to access the phone.

The Android team wants to help IT staff more by improving the privacy and security of a device. Force protections already exist, but the aforementioned new levels of complexity will improve things. Android combines the enhancements with Google Play Protect and SafetyNet Attestation API.

It is possible to set up a work security challenge with Android 12. This allows an IT approved password to access important content in the work profile. Note that this is independent of a simplified password.

Android 12 Developer Preview released

Android 12 improvements

The device configuration process has been improved. This includes asking employees if the password provided does not meet the complexity requirements set by an administrator. It is up to you to increase password strength or set a job security challenge.

Android 12 adds certificate management. It is a tool that “Allows companies to enable authentication for employee access to remote services”. This can be handled in Enterprise Mobility Management. With this change, more companies can have secure access for employees wherever they are.

A new company-specific device identifier is also available. This will benefit employee-owned managed devices as privacy improves.

Android 12 is all about trust and security. More privacy and security features will be introduced in the coming months. Android developers have just introduced some like Modern SameSite Cookie Behaviors on WebView, Netlink MAC Restricted, More Secure Export of Components, Y Safer handling of Intents.

For better user experience tools, Google has included the following: Csupported media transcoding, AVIF image support, foreground service optimizations, rich content insertion, haptic-coupled audio effect, immersive mode API enhancements for gesture navigation, notifications UI updates, faster and more responsive notifications, Y Enhanced Binder IPC calling. Android 12 will also feature better app compatibility when updating Android via Google Play, optimizing app tablets / folding / TVs, and making testing and debugging changes easier.

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