Android 12 Developer Preview 1 adds native scrolling screenshots

Android 12

By now, you are probably wondering how much Android 12 will change your smartphone. The Android 12 developer preview was released last week and we can expect it to run on some of the latest flagships available on the market today. Developers can get the new version and test it on their phones or apps. We have listed some of the main features and improvements. We note improved security, more utility and simplicity for IT, certificate management, newer user experience tools, and a company-specific device identifier. Some of them may not be really important or noticeable to ordinary users, but one day we will come to understand why they are essential.

The Android 12 team has also added a major feature: scrolling screenshot. It has been something that most of us have been requesting. There are applications available but we need something more native.

Interestingly, this feature is already available for some of the UI and Android skins we are familiar with, such as ColorOS, One UI, OxygenOS, and MIUI. We know that this feature is possible on Android. It just needs to be activated or finally implemented, officially.

Android 12 scrolling screenshots

Stock Android doesn’t have a scrolling screenshot, but that will change soon with Android 12. The Android team didn’t really announce this major improvement, but XDA was able to discover it, as usual. If you are a developer and were able to load Android 12 Developer Preview 1, you can check out this hidden feature.

Not ready for a wider release yet. XDA saying still is “Very rough around the edges”. If this isn’t officially announced with Developer Preview 1, then maybe it’s ready as part of Android 12 Developer Preview 2. Wait More Android 12 Features and improvements will be revealed in the next few days or weeks.

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