Android 12 can get native recycle bin and automatic translation in apps

With each passing week, the excitement for Android 12 is driving expert reviewers and developers to delve into what’s coming with Google’s next operating system. Along the same lines, the XDA developers dug into the Android 12 code to find some interesting findings lately that could mean a lot to end users. First, Google is working to bring a utility similar to Windows Recycle Bin natively to Android. As they found out, the utility will be called ‘Trash’, which allows you to review all deleted items from the device.

Android 12 could bring the feature natively to the operating system to delete files and then recover them if you accidentally delete them. The Garbage API It will probably come with the flexibility of applications using it or not, especially file manager applications.

Since the Android ecosystem is very large, implementing a feature like ‘Trash’ will require a structured approach and well-established system updates. This is because OEMs and developers need to know which direction Google is taking to implement this mode as a native Android feature, although it will be easier for Google to implement it in its own Google Files app.

Automatic in-app data translation to the user’s preferred settings on the Android 12 operating system is another feature that’s exciting for developers and users alike. While application developers in large companies can afford to spend money to have their applications automatically translated for the language preferences of the user’s native device, small developers cannot afford.

It’s going to change in Android 12 OS (presumably), since XDA Developers discovered that Google is working on implementing native support for machine translation in applications. They’re working on the feature at the Vista level, so it’s targeting usage in applications, rather than the operating system itself.

Both of these features already sound exciting, and if they make it to the Android 12 operating system, users will be more than happy. More on this development will be clear in the coming weeks.

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