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Android 12 Beta 3, Final APIs Now Available

Android 12 Beta 3

Android 12 Beta 3

In a few months from today, Google will release the public version of Android 12. We have seen several previews, but we believe that more changes will be introduced in the coming days. Just over a month ago, the Android 12 Beta 2 update began rolling out to eligible devices. It was mentioned that the domino effect could be improved in the next beta versions. The new version also makes the setup of Google Home devices easier and faster. Users will even be able to play games even before they are downloaded.

Wait for new features and improvements to be introduced. Some of the ones we’ve tested and seen may not even make it to the final version, but we know that the Android team will carefully deliberate on the final features and APIs.

Android 12 Beta 3 and the final APIs are ready. They are closer to the final form as described. Google brings a new user interface that adapts to users, innovative new features, and better security and privacy benefits. With the help of OEMs and developers, the final version of Android 12 will be ready soon.

Android 12 Beta 3

The latest version is the third beta. This release includes updates such as improved auto-rotation, APId privacy indicator, and scrolling screenshots. The official Android 12 SDK and APIs are also part of this build. If you are a developer, you can already test and update your application before Platform Stability.

If you have a Pixel phone, you can get the update wirelessly at HERE. Get more related information HERE for other devices.

Beta 3 offers a better user experience, performance and functionality. Add scrolling screenshots so you can easily capture and share scrolling content. You can do it with the “Capture more” button that you will see on the screen.

Searching on the device is possible with AppSearch. What it does is index structured data within a device and then search for it when needed. You can take advantage of a local index or a central index.

The auto rotate function has been enhanced with face detection. New permissions have also been introduced for those apps paired with CDM that start services in the foreground. Game mode APIs are added so that a game can react to the performance profile of players. The API can set the performance mode for maximum frame rates or better battery life on the go.

Beta 3 adds a new privacy indicator API to WindowInsets. This allows developers to get the maximum indicator limits and the relative location on the screen. Business users and administrators can set the necessary restrictions on fully managed phones. New switches have been added to make things easier.