Android 11 operating system update coming to Microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft Surface Duo Android 11 operating system

Microsoft Surface Duo isn’t exactly the best hybrid tablet-phone on the market today, but it’s one of the most intriguing models we’ve seen. Delivers mobile productivity even without the latest specs. The device is coming to Europe and Canada very soon, making the launch a first outside the United States. The Surface Dup also arrives in Germany. It will be upgradeable to Android 11 in summer. If you are willing to get the device with only Android 10, you can buy one and see if the Snapdragon 855 processor is enough.

The not-so-up-to-date specs aren’t really the problem. Many people are only concerned about various problems that have been reported such as the plastic frame around the USB port cracking and the battery swelling causing a strange bulge. You can read on Microsoft Surface Duo Teardown to see the good and bad of the device.

Surface Duo has other bugs, but they can be fixed. In terms of performance, the Surface Duo’s benchmark scores were found to be high and outperformed other flagships. However, the number may be different now because a lot has changed in six months.

Microsoft has launched the Surface Duo in the United States. It is actually now $ 400 off. It is not yet clear if the units are being deployed Outside the country it will also have a lower price.

Android 11 for Surface Duo

For now, we’re curious about the Android 11. The Surface Duo actually runs on a custom Android interface and comes with Microsoft’s enterprise-grade security. It may not be the usual Android 11 OS update we’ve already seen, but it’s slightly different.

By the time Android 11 is released for the Microsoft Surface Duo, Android 12 will have been introduced. But that’s fine, as it will still take time before Android 12 is ready for flagships.

It is not yet clear if a Surface Duo will be announced. That’s a possibility, but we think Microsoft should focus on properly marketing the original Surface Duo for now. There is also the Surface Neo which has already been delayed. The last time we found out was in May of last year.

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