Amazon will produce a Smart Sticky Note printer with Alexa

In recent years we have seen several devices released that combine the power of digital and analog. Most of the time, reminders and to-do lists are done in productivity apps or in notebooks or sticky notes. What if you could do both? Amazon has announced pre-orders for a new device called the Smart Sticky Note Printer and the name already speaks to what it does. It is an Alexa-powered device that prints the reminders and lists that you want to stick on your mirror, reference, or wherever you want.

The Smart Sticky Note printer actually grew out of the concepts from Amazon’s Day 1 Edition. a type of incubation division within the company where products are only manufactured if they have a sufficient number of pre-orders. Now that apparently a lot of people want to have this printer, they will be officially released, but only for those who have already reserved. It’s basically a compact thermal printer that prints your reminder, shopping list, and to-do list.

The printer is wirelessly connected to an Echo device that should be no more than 30 feet away. You can just say something like, “Alexa, print a note, ‘Buy milk tomorrow'” and it will. If you have a full shopping list, you can dictate it to Alexa and print it right from your new toy. The printer has adhesive backed thermal paper and is cut after the note as seen on receipts.

Anyway, why would you need printed sticky notes? Some people prefer to have a real sticky note in addition to a digital one so they can stick it on a notebook, mirror, or wherever it is easy to see to serve its purpose of reminding you what to do. There is even a puzzle that you can print in case you are bored and need to do something on a small sheet of paper.

As mentioned above, the Smart sticky note printer It will only be available to those who have reserved it at a price of $ 115. Shipping is expected sometime between July and September.

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