Amazon Fire TV UI Changes Reach More Streaming Devices

Amazon Fire TV UI Update Concept

Amazon is working on another major product: Fire TV. No, we will not see a new Fire TV model, but its user interface will be renewed. The new Fire TV user interface will also be available for Amazon Fire TV Cube and Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. The changes will be ready next month and will offer a more user-friendly user interface. Amazon is said to focus on live content and profiles. It won’t just be aesthetics either, it will provide a totally new experience.

Expect an improved, content-centric user experience on your Fire TV. At launch, you will only watch the movies and TV shows first instead of the apps. You will be directed to the home screen of a TV instead of being shown apps to choose from on your Fire TV device.

The navigation bar has been further simplified as described. You can configure and view your favorite applications, as well as dedicated areas for different content or information. They will not need any payment or subscriptions. Searching is also simpler now as you can start searching results by category.

Profiles will be added on Fire TV devices. Amazon offers more personalization for each member of the family. App previews will also be added. Other possible changes include a system-wide watchlist in addition to dynamic queue ordering and better plug-in integration for other streaming services.

the Amazon Fire TV user interface It was first introduced with a new look and user profiles last December. That was after it received updated hands-free support from Alexa.

Next month, these changes will be available for more Fire TV streaming devices, such as 3rd Gen Fire TV, original and 2nd Gen Fire TV Cube, and Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. Older models will get the same upgrades, and even TVs with a built-in Fire TV OS will get them.

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