Amazon Fire TV launches a new interface for more users

If you own an Amazon Fire TV device, the latest update should bring you the new interface that some users have already been enjoying since last year. Now they are rolling out this new Fire TV experience to more users of devices like Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Cube (1st and 2nd generation) and Fire TV (3rd generation pendant design). As for other Fire TV devices and Fire TV Smart TV users, you can also expect an update in late 2021.

If you’ve already received the update, when you open your Fire TV’s home screen, you’ll immediately see the difference. The main menu is now in the middle of your screen and includes your favorite apps and channels. Hovering over each app will show a preview of recently viewed and promoted shows from the respective service. There are also tabs for Live TV and now you have a new Search tab which is actually an updated search system. The results will come from both your existing content and new shows and movies that you think you will like.

In the Search section. It also has a library that includes your watch list, shopping, and rentals that you have access to. There is also new content that is easy to read as it is organized by genres and categories. You will also see live TV in the Search category, as well as content that you have free access to. There is also the Appstore section for third-party applications that you may want to install.

The Alexa integration has also been improved as you can use new commands like “Alexa, go to Live TV” and “Alexa, go to Search”. You can also use your voice to search for content when you’re in the search dialog so you don’t have to type things carefully. The new 2021 Alexa Voice Remote will also have shortcut buttons for some of the popular streaming services that you can find on your Amazon Fire TV device.

You can now also have up to six profiles and each will offer personalized recommendations based on what they have been viewing. Children’s profiles can also be locked so that they cannot make any purchases on their own. The new Amazon Fire TV interface now it is rolling out for more users. Fire TV Stick 3 and Fire TV Stick Lite users already had this update late last year.

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