Amazon Alexa lets you share music with other Echo users

When listening to a song that you want to share with a friend, simply share the title and artist through a messaging app or even send a link to Spotify or YouTube via social media. But if you and your contacts have Amazon Echo devices, now there is an easier way to do that with Amazon Music Sharing via Alexa. You can use the digital assistant to do the “work” for you while you share that song you want your contact to listen to at the moment.

You will need to enable Alexa Communications on your account in order to use the feature. When you’re listening to something on your Amazon Echo device, you can simply say “Alexa, share this song with Carlo” and your digital assistant will share it with the contact. Of course, the person has to be on your Alexa contact list and they also need to have an Echo device and / or the Alexa app so that they can “receive” and listen to the song and even send back their reaction.

Alexa will find the song in the receiver’s default music streaming service, or if it’s not there, it will search for another streaming service where the song is available. If it can’t find a matching song, it will suggest a station based on title or artist. If you are the recipient of the song, Alexa will notify your device and through your Alexa app. Just ask to listen to your messages and then it will ask if you want to hear the song that has been shared with you.

Another option would be to tap on the mobile notification sent to your Alexa app and then choose which of your connected devices you’d like to hear the song for. In addition to Echo devices, this means that you can listen to it on smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, wherever you want to listen to your music, as long as the Alexa app is installed there. It’s a great way to start a conversation about the song you are currently listening to.

Amazon says this Share music Skill is just the beginning of these kinds of roles. They will seek to evolve this experience and add more ways to share and listen to songs with their friends and contacts.

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