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A technological center is born to make electronic commerce simpler | Digitization | Technology

A technological center is born to make electronic commerce simpler |  Digitization |  Technology

Money has not literally changed hands for a long time, but rather moves through the network. In our country alone, electronic commerce grew by around 13% in 2021, according to the National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC). An increase that, in turn, drinks from multiple sources. The diversity of types of operations and devices from which we make purchases, as well as the possibility of purchasing products from companies anywhere in the world, make the flow of transactions increasingly complex for consumers. retailers. Simplifying this process and combining the course of income in a single tool is the objective with which Adyen was born in 2006, a company that will soon have one of its main technological development centers in the heart of Madrid.

“Adyen is a fintech platform of choice for some of the world’s largest companies for their omnichannel processing needs. That is, both for your sales on-line like those that are carried out in physical points”, explains Juan Cifuentes Hermoso, vice president of Platform Operations of the company. “Having access to all these channels with a single integration is unique,” ​​he continues. “With other more traditional providers you have to do different integrations depending on the sales channels or geographical points. In our case, in a single integration there is access to all channels and all locations”.

Now, part of all those processes aimed at unifying the sales operations of companies such as Spotify, Microsoft, Uber or Mango will be carried out in the center of Madrid. “We will open two new technology centers, one in Chicago and the other here,” confirms Cifuentes. “The hub of Madrid has a global projection. Our team will develop innovative products that will be used by customers from anywhere in the world; they will not be limited to the Spanish market”.

Our intention is that the capital of Spain becomes the second most important center of Adyen in all of Europe

Juan Cifuentes Hermoso, Vice President of Platform Operations at Adyen

The choice of the capital responds, according to the vice president of Platform Operations, for different reasons. “We already have a great team and infrastructure here to grow quickly. On the other hand, in Madrid and in Spain in general we have great technical and technological universities, and one of the main objectives of the company is to attract talent wherever it is, without limiting the range of experiences. In addition, it allows us to be a more international engineering team. Our intention is for the Madrid office to become, at a technological level, the second most important center for Adyen in Europe”.

East hub technological, which will be located in its offices on Calle de Serrano in Madrid, will have highly qualified professional profiles. “We focus on development engineers and we are participating in professional outing sessions to attract talent wherever it exists,” confirms the vice president of Platform Operations. Regarding the choice of headquarters, for this company manager “it is a very good sign that Adyen has chosen the capital of Spain as the place to open one of its two new technology centers,” he says. “The company has offices in 25 countries and has undergone an exhaustive process to define the best location for this new center on the European continent.”

The advantage of the bank card

The technical team that Adyen will develop in its center in Madrid will also be used to improve the processes of its clients. An important factor is the company’s status as a regulated bank. “Having a banking license allows us to make settlements to our customers for the sales they make on our platform,” Cifuentes clarifies. “Before they were done through a partner, a bank, which was an additional step for the money to reach the customer. Now we can skip that step and the operational problems that could result from it.”

Like everything related to business on-line, security is another priority of the company. “We have several different teams for fraud prevention. RevenueProtect is our product to prevent payment fraud, and in parallel we invest in artificial intelligence, which allows us to process large amounts of data in a short time and determine if there is a fraudulent act”. They are solutions to improve global sales processes developed from our country.

team integration

Adyen’s technology center in the capital will be located in the same location as its current team, focused on support and marketing. The choice, explains Laura Cortés Morales, Director of Marketing and Communication at Adyen in Spain and Portugal, is not accidental. “This coexistence of different teams is unusual. Normally the marketing part is separated from the technical profiles, but at Adyen we are committed to the integration and coexistence of both profiles”, she details. “In this case, the technology hub will be in direct contact with the sales team to encourage creativity. It is this type of coexistence and friction between departments that leads us to take different steps over the competition”, concludes Laura Cortés.

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