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A Nokia 400 Android phone that never did, spotted on video

A Nokia 400 Android Phone That Never Did, Spotted On Video - Light Home News

Android’s ecosystem is the largest of all mobile operating environments, and the possibilities for Google are virtually endless. This is one of the reasons they even considered taking the Android operating system down to Android for multi-function phones. This fact was evident in April 2019 and then later in September a video leak of a Nokia device with this Android version was spotted. Therefore, a Nokia functional phone with model number TA-1208 was posted on the Wi-Fi Alliance website. At that time, it was established that the device would be called Nokia 400 when it was released.

The phone for the Indian market never saw the light of day and was canceled by HMD Global – buried safe from speculation. Now the device has been dug up in a leak practical video by Calyx Hikari on YouTube, giving us all the raw look of the phone that couldn’t be.

The Nokia 400 has a very similar design to the brand’s other phones. It has a small screen highlighted by large bezels, a matte polycarbonate body, a removable rear panel with a solo camera in the center, an LED flash and a nostalgic T9 keyboard.

In the lower half is the 3.5mm headphone jack and a microUSB port for powering the device. The back panels hide the removable battery and a SIM card tray and microSD card slot underneath.

Upon turning on the device, the original Android phones lock screen UI is displayed and it is nostalgic to the core. Next we see the setup screen and the Google Assistant logo.

Once everything is set up, the phone’s home screen with large icons and the icon bar is visible. Of course, it’s not a touchscreen phone so navigation is done via buttons on the physical keyboard.

Heading into the settings reveals the specs of the phone and the GAFP-based Android 8.1 Oreo Go edition. The device has a meager 512GB of RAM – by 2021 standards even for low-end phones.