WWE Backlash 2020 : Results & Randy Orton vs Edge ; The Best Match Ever

• WWE Backlash Results : 14 June 2020

• Randy Orton vs Edge (Greatest Wrestling Match Ever)

Randy Orton has come out for this match and now Edge has also come for this great match. Greatest Wrestling Match Hour has begun. So far no superstar has been able to dominate much and balance is being seen here. Randy Orton tries to give Edge a superplex, but Edge saves himself. Edge headbutts Randy Orton from the top rope and Randy Orton’s head begins to bleed and is badly bled. Edge is venting all his anger on Randy Orton. Edge catches Randy Orton in the submission lock, but Randy defends himself. Randy Orton made a great comeback and attacked Edge’s neck. Randy Orton is now attacking the neck of Edge. First throwing them at the glass, then barricades and now hitting the steelsteps, hurting them. Randy Orton overturns Agee to the commentary table now. Randy Orton took Edge inside the ring and tried to pin, but Edge kicked out. Randy Orton has given two suplexes to Edge, now Edge has consistently given suplexes. The match is going great and now Edge has come out of the ring. Randy strikes Edge’s neck once again and he is seen in pain. Randy Orton gives Edge a superplex. Both superstars are seen in pain, Randy tries to pin down but Edge kicks out. Edge gave a DDT with a tremendous reversal move, but was unable to pin Randy Orton. Edge held Randy Orton in submission and Randy then gave Angle a slam to Edge. Although both superstars are not able to pin each other. Randy Orton has given DDT to Edge and is now ready to give RKO. Edge did not allow Randy Orton to give him an RKO and made a reversal move. This match is still going on. Randy Orton gave Edge the finishing move pedigree of Edge, but Edge kicked out. Edge gave Randy Orton the rockbottom, but once again saw a kickout. Randy Orton eventually gave RKO, but did not win again. In this match, both the superstars kicked out many times. Edge gave Randy Orton two spears, but Randy Orton kicked out. Randy Orton gave the first low blow and then won the match with a punt.

Winner: Randy Orton

• Drew McIntire vs Bobby Lashley (WWE Championship)

Bobby Lashley gave Drew McIntire a master lock before the match started and he was not ready to leave. Lashley left McIntire after three-four referees were in the middle. Now finally this match has started. Bobby Lashley gave McIntire a tremendous knockbreaker, but the champion kicked out. McIntire has also made a comeback and is now overshadowing Lashley. McIntire gave Lashley the Spinebuster. However, Lashley saved himself by kicking out. Lashley hit back, killing Drew McIntire, but McIntire defended himself and made a tremendous move. Both superstars are not ready to give up and a tremendous contest is being seen. McIntire gives Lashley a dangerous superplex. The match still continues and McIntire went on to give Claymore a kick, but Lashley gave Spear. McIntire kicked out. Now Lana has arrived and McIntire pushes Lashley, Lana falls out of the MVP outside the ring. McIntire took advantage of this and won the match by giving Claymore a kick. One of Lana’s mistakes causes Bobby Lashley to become champion. Lashley looked angry and left Lana just like that and left with MVP.

Winner : Drew McIntire

• Bron Strowman vs The Miz and John Morrison (2 on 1 handicap match for Universal Championship)

Before the WWE Universal Championship match, The Miz and John Morrison showed a tremendous music video of theirs. Meanwhile, Bron Strowman has also entered the ring and the match has started. Morrison starts the match and dodges Strowman with his speed. Miz and Morrison are taking advantage of the handicap match well. The Miz is now attacking Strowman, but the Monster is making no difference. Strowman slammed both superstars. However, Miz and Morrison together bring down Strowman. Now the defending champions are in trouble and the Miz-Morrison duo are seen to be overshadowing. Both of them gave Double DDT to Strowman, but Monster kicked out. Miz made his move from the top rope and, with the help of his partner, gave Strowman the finishing move. However, Strowman kicked out. Strowman gave The Miz a chokeslam and pinned him while giving John Morrison a running powerslam and won the match. Morrison had a golden chance to become the champion, but the mistake of The Miz fell to his friend. In the end, Strowman won the match.

Winner : Bron Strowman

• Asuka vs Naya Jax (Raw Women’s Championship)

Naya Jax is using her strength against Asuka quite well, but Asuka has kept herself in the match so far. Naya Jax was dominating, but Asuka attempted a comeback and hit a tremendous dropkick. Jax then began to dominate and gave a dangerous powerbomb. Asuka throws Naia Jax out of the ring and the two superstars continue to fight outside the ring. Meanwhile the referee counted 10 and the match ended via a count out. This is why Asuka successfully retained her championship. Asuka attacks Naya Jax after the bout.

Result : Asuka

• Jeff hardy vs Shamus

Smackdown has been witnessing hostility between Sheamus and Jeff Hardy for quite some time. Finally, there is a singles match in PPV between the two superstars. The match has started and Sheamus starts to dominate. Jeff Hardy has made a comeback and is attacking Sheamus with the help of Ropes. Hardy pushed Sheamus out of the ring and made a tremendous move with the help of steel steps. The action once again reaches the ring, but he takes advantage of the time Sheamus gets and he slaps Jeff Hardy on the top rope. Sheamus has taken control, now he beheads Hardy. Sheamus tried to pin, but Jeff Hardy kicked out. Jeff Hardy attempts to make a comeback and makes a great high-flying move, Sheamus but is kicked out. Jeff Hardy is on the top rope and wants to give the Swanton bombs, but Sheamus saves himself. Sheamus made a reversal move, but Hardy kicked out. Sheamus hits Jeff Hardy in the submission move, with Jeff barely protecting himself while holding the rope. Jeff Hardy made a tremendous comeback at the end and placed the Swanton Bomb over Sheamus, but Sheamus again kicked out. Outside the ring, Sheamus gives a Brogue Kick to Jeff Hardy and then brings him into the ring. Sheamus gave another brogue kick, pinning Jeff Hardy to win the match.

Winner : Sheamus

• Bailey and Sasha Banks vs Iconics vs Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross (Women’s Tag Team Championship)

The main show of WWE Backlash begins with the Women’s Tag Team Championship match. All 6 superstars have entered the ring. Bailey and Iconics are attacking Nikki Cross and now Bailey has dominated. All 6 superstars are in the ring together, but no brolls are seen and three superstars start fighting back. Sasha Banks tried to pin, but did not succeed. The fight is going on at a very fast pace and successive pinfalls were seen successively, but all failed. Billy had come very close to helping his team win, but the champions barely survived. Bailey and Banks made a tremendous double team move, but the cross did not let them pin it. Bliss has arrived and she is making tremendous moves, she clears the ring in a tremendous way. Alexa Bliss and Cross made a double move, but were unable to pin. However, Sasha Banks rollup Bliss, defending the championship in a tremendous way, naming the match as her own.

Winner : Bailey and Sasha Banks

• Apollo Cruise vs Andrade (US Championship match): Kickoff show

The WWE Backlash got off to a great start and the kickoff show saw a fierce contest for the US Championship between Apollo Cruise and Andrade. Both the superstars performed well and saw a lot of strong action as well. However in the end Apollo Cruise gave the slingshot powerbomb the match after his name.

Winner : Apollo Cruise

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