Egyptian grandfather Ezdelin Bahadur has been recognized as the oldest professional footballer in the world after a second full match just after his 75th birthday.

After missing a penalty kick on 6 October as their team, Bahadur was awarded the title by Guinness World Records on Saturday evening, losing 3–2 to El Rectangle s Club in Egypt’s Third Division.

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The former amateur player, who turned 75 on 3 November, scored a goal from the penalty spot on his debut in March.

He planned to play a second 90-minute match in the same month to claim his record, but suspension of s activities stalled his plans to stop the spread of coronovirus.

Bahadar had previously told the media that he was 75, which he attributed to “scoring goals”. The team was allowed to gain sponsors and publicity on October 6, he said.

In Saturday’s match, some of Bahadar’s six grandchildren chanted “Come on the Grandpa” from the touchline.

“I dream of being able to break my own record once, just to make the competition a little harder,” Bahadar said.

The record was previously held by 73-year-old Israeli Isaac Hayek.