Tamim Iqbal says he will have to have “ready to go” plans for Fortune Barishal to do well at the next Bangabandhu T20 Cup. Head coach Sohel Islam and manager Hasibul Hossain, who were at Barishal’s table during last week’s player draft, got off to a good start by picking Iqbal on his first call, but then went on to take on a lot of young cricketers. lacking T20 credentials.

As a result, Barishal, who will face tournament favorites Gemcon Khulna on November 24, looks the underdog as of now. They don’t have enough energetic mid-order and off-road hitters; Irfan Sukkur and young Towhid Hridoy have to deal with the middle order, while scion Mehidy Hasan Miraz and young Aminul Islam form a long queue.

Iqbal said they didn’t have a good draft of players, but he hoped some of the youngsters would advance in the tournament.

“There’s no question we’ve made some mistakes in the draft, but cricket is a game of uncertainty,” he said. “We may not be counting some of the players on this team but they can all make a great tournament. Those who are not in the limelight may have to end up doing more for this team. At the President’s Cup, we ended up talking about a couple of players that we thought would not do well.

“To be successful with this squad, we have to play outside the box, surprising the opponent. It will be difficult to win playing normal cricket with established plans, due to the resources we have. I think anything can happen if one or two of our players they can perform really well. “

Iqbal, who recently played in the PSL playoffs for the Lahore Qalandars, hinted that he might even have to suppress the order to fill the gaps in Barishal’s lineup.

“My performance is going to be very important,” he said. “If I lead from the front, if you put aside my captaincy and just score runs, it will definitely motivate the team. I may have to play different roles in the tournament. As I said, depending on resources, you have to think differently and act accordingly. according to the situation.

“I’m in good contact. I’d like to score a few more runs. We may not have played much cricket, but a lot of us have been training regularly for the last six months. It’s going to be important to start the tournament. Well. It will give me confidence.” .

Given the uneven experience within the team, Iqbal said he trusted players like Sukkur, Towhid and Afif Hossain. But at the same time, he also hopes that others will take responsibility.

“Irfan had a very good tournament. I’m waiting to see how Towhid Hridoy performs in the T20 format, but he is a quality player. Afif, Irfan and Towhid will have to play with their skins. They have to take responsibility, like everyone else.” . others on the team, to make this a success.

“We don’t have seniors or juniors on this team. I’m the only experienced player on the team, but for it to be a successful team, everyone has to take responsibility. It doesn’t matter if I’ve played for 13 years or have been playing for two years.” .