Mohammed Shami had a great IPL season with Kings XI Punjab, pitching those yorkers, winning Super Overs, bowling with the new ball, and leading a young-paced attack, but he has moved quickly from there and has his eyes on repeat 2018-19 India magic in Australia.

Shami and Jasprit Bumrah were key to India’s 2-1 series win back then, and he’s getting back to playing hard yards as India has started training in the middle of his quarantine in Sydney. Shami has also been chosen in both white ball squads, but it is the test series he is most focused on.

“My area of ​​focus has been the red ball and I am working on the lengths and movement of the seam,” said Shami. “I’ve always felt that once you start shooting the ball as far as you want, you can be successful in different formats. What you need is control. I’ve done well with the cue ball and now I spend time on the nets playing tag bowling with the red ball. You do not play bowling in the same area as both formats are different, but their basic concepts do not change much. “

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Since recovering from a career-threatening knee injury, Shami has appeared in 27 of India’s 30 events since July 2017. There have been several highlights: a five-game winning second inning in Johannesburg in 2018 , 16 wickets at 26.18 during India’s first Test Series victory in Australia in 2018-19, and another five in favor against South Africa in Visakhapatnam.

He has attributed much of this success to two other fast pitchers relentlessly attacking their opponents. Shami is sure in his mind that the depth of India’s resources is unprecedented in history, and drawing on each other’s strengths has made a huge difference.

“The success of this group is due in large part to the camaraderie we share with each other,” he said. “There is no real secret as such, but it lies in each other’s strengths. We have a common goal and we all seek to achieve it collectively.

“There is healthy competition, but there is no rivalry within the group. If you look at the numbers, we have managed to pick 20 wickets on almost all of our away tours. Even at home in the Freedom Trophy [against South Africa] or the pink ball test [against Bangladesh]The fast bowling group was very effective. We have a lot of discussion between us. We hunt in pairs. “

Before the IPL, Shami trained on a farm during the shutdown. He admitted to being rusty at first, but felt the work done afterward helped him get back on track. “My performances for KXIP at IPL have given me a lot of confidence and put me in the right zone. The biggest advantage is that now I can prepare for the next series without any pressure. It is not a burden for me. I am very comfortable at that time I had worked hard on my bowling alley and my fitness in the running. I knew the IPL would take place sooner or later and I was preparing for it. “