Glenn Maxwell endured a torrid IPL with the Punjab Kings XI, managing just 108 runs in 11 innings with a higher score of 32. He seemed to struggle for fluidity throughout the season and finished it without a single six.

Just before the IPL, Maxwell had cracked 186 runs in three ODIs against England, including a 108-game winning inning in the third ODI at Old Trafford. Maxwell is confident of getting back to that kind of form before Australia’s limited series against India starting next week.

“Yeah I’m sure we’ll be fine. I was just hitting the ball well, but I wasn’t getting much,” Maxwell said during a media interaction. “Y [I’m] just looking at the big picture and understanding my role on the Australian side; trying to put the IPL aside and think about … what I need to do to prepare for each game. Y [I] I just know that I’m doing the right things and that when the time comes, when I need it, I can still perform really well. “

Maxwell calculated that his tight IPL career was due in large part to the situations in which he hit.

“It had nothing to do with the pitches,” he said. “I guess it had more to do with the amount of time I was left in the game most of the time. I was rebuilding or trying to get past the first ball with just a couple of balls left. If you don’t hit it, you’re in a little problem. I don’t get too much out of it. I’m still training as hard as ever and still working on the right things. But I’m coming off possibly one of the best innings I’ve ever had. I’ve played in my career [at Old Trafford] not being able to clear the strings. I don’t get too much out of it. “

Two days after the third T2OI against India on December 8, the BBL is scheduled to begin. Maxwell, who will be captain of the Melbourne Stars, is excited about the new rules that will be in effect during the tournament.

“It’s going to be different, that’s for sure,” Maxwell said. “It’s going to be tough work for the captains to implement them to the best of their ability to gain an advantage over the rest of the competition and that presents a good challenge for the teams to have a good roster depth to be able to utilize their 12th and 13th players. I think it’s exciting.

“It’s a different way of playing. It’s not going to be the traditional T20. For me personally, I find it exciting to show the tactical side of the game and it’s a good opportunity for teams to show their technical talent and find ways to get ahead of the game. “.

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The new rules have been criticized by former players, including Shane Watson, who called it a “misguided attempt to revitalize the tournament.” But as captain, Maxwell hopes to use the Power Surge, where the traditional six-over Powerplay will be scrapped and replaced by a mandatory four-over block at the beginning of innings and two overs to be chosen by the batting team after the Tenth plus. .

“I’ll just wait for the moment,” Maxwell said. “A guy like Nic Pooran who I’ll probably try to use a lot in that space. He’s an extremely powerful hitter and I’m looking forward to seeing him at the Big Bash.”

The first game of the 2020-21 BBL will be played between the Hobart Hurricanes and the Sydney Sixers on December 10, with Maxwell’s Stars to open their campaign a day later against the Brisbane Heat.