Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has said he doesn’t give a damn about the Premier League title amid frustration over match congestion and injuries.

The German coach has seen key injuries to defenders Virgil Van Dijk, Joe Gomez and midfielder Jordan Henderson in recent weeks that forced him to use Liverpool’s youth. Gomez was injured in an international service training session with England.

And, when asked how many points it would take to win the title this season, Klopp said it was not his main goal.

“I’m sorry to tell you this, but I couldn’t care less right now Jamie. It doesn’t seem like someone gets 100 [points] or whatever. In this season? Four weeks less? The same number of games? I don’t think it’s possible. Even 87 [points] it seems a long way off, “Klopp told the Daily Mail.

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“My English is not good enough to describe exactly what went through my mind [with Gomez]. My physical therapist told me and everyone was sure it was serious right away. No doubts. There’s no hope it’s just a little girl Injuries are part of the deal for players and coaches. How they happen is something that constantly worries us.

“With the Van Dijk situation, it wasn’t because of the intensity of the game. It was because of a very strange decision by one person. [Everton’s Jordan Pickford] which made it difficult to handle.

In recent weeks, Klopp has joined Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola in pushing for the reintroduction of five substitutes in Premier League matches due to the congested match roster.

“This is a very special moment, not only for football but for the whole world,” he said. “We all have to push ourselves and fight hard to get over it.

“In football, that’s the way it is. It seems like the whole world changed, but the two things that remained were the Premier League schedule and three substitutes.

“If we won this year it would be a great achievement to be honest. Maybe a bigger one. That’s what I love about the Premier League – there are so many contenders. Our start was not so bad. Yes, we had a special match against Aston Villa [the 7-2 defeat]. Maybe we needed it. We have used it. Leicester on Sunday. Let’s see.”