Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was saved by an offside decision that saw his team win in the Mercedes derby and suffer two major injuries as the Premier League champions drew 2–2 with Everton.

He thought he won the game with a stoppage-time goal from Jordan Henderson, but a VAR review found the narrowest margin offside and nullified the potential winner.

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Liverpool also injured defender Virgil van Dzek early in the game and midfielder Thiago Alcantara succumbed to a wild challenge from Richardson, resulting in the red card.

“I am a real supporter of VAR. [Last season] The side edge was closed, “Klopp said postmatch.” Now, there is no armpit, everyone tells me it was not closed, but it does not lift my mood. We lost one player with Virgil and the other with a red card. [It was] Not our day.

Klopp said his players had seen the incident of VAR on a laptop in the dressing room, but did not understand how the decision was made.

Van Diek was hurt in the seventh minute by a wild challenge from Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford as the referee reversed him. Pingford was also not careful to deal with the lunging attempt.

“Virgil, that’s not good,” said Klopp, who defined Pickford’s actions as “the keeper might pose a challenge.”

He said, “He plays with pain. He never plays a game. I don’t know how bad it is, but it’s not good.”

Thiago eventually arose from Richardson’s red-card challenge and was able to start for Henderson’s denied goal but later reported an injury.

“While we were going away, Thiago told me that he thinks he was injured. We’ll have to see,” Klopp said.

After the match, Richardson released a statement on social media apologizing for his challenge to Thiago.

“Anyone who knows my background knows that I have never been a violent player” She wrote. “What happened today was a fatal event because of the excess of dedication. I did not challenge it to play with the intention of hurting Thiago [Alcantara].

“When I realized that we were going into an accident, I retracted my leg, but my knee caught him in the path of Thugh, which was unavoidable due to the speed of the play. I already told him to apologize. Have sent a message and I am also doing this publicly.

“I hope he is well. I also apologize to my teammates, the club and the fans for leaving him with 10 men. Unfortunately, apart from reflecting on what happened, working and moving forward, I would like to can not do.”

The way his team reacted to their pre-international break 7-2 at Aston Villa was delighted.

“The performance was top, it was the top game and a good game for both teams,” he said.

“We were dominant against a side full of confidence and with a clear plan. It was probably the best game [against Everton] Since I was in Liverpool. I saw really good performance. I would be more happy if we win but I wanted to see a reaction and see the team we were before. “