Batting within KL Rahul himself are rainbow-like with only three colors. This is good, but you know something is missing.

This is one of the few Indian batsmen who have a 360-degree game and when he stops the noise that gets over his head and allows him to overcome his instinct, his timing increases in every part of the game. She goes. Its balance. His shot was selected.

Chances of winning her…

Sunday was an excellent reminder – if only for Rahul – why he should always go full VIBGYOR. He had an attacking batting 77 off 77 balls.

And in simplicity.

Rahul was getting the boundary once every five balls and he felt that he was still holding his head.

He did however give it a luxury. Cleaning the front leg. This made him the overall male for the Trent Bowl. When left-handed Tejp pitched, he was lifted to cover for six. When he regained his length, he was jolted from the top of the midwicket four.

He was a contingent of the bowling machine of the Mumbai Indians in the ruins. No wickets to Powerplay specialist.

Rahul said, “After wicketkeeping for 20 overs, I knew that the first six overs were very important.” He said, “The wicket was a bit slow and we knew it would slow down after six and they would have good spinners. It was a good start for me and Mayank (Agarwal), who were close to 50 or 60”.

“With Chris Gayle coming into the team, I have the freedom to go into the first six and score as many runs as possible because I know Chris and Pooran. I trust him to land the spinners. So yes, Chris I have yet to come in. The job as a batsman is a lot easier. “

Rahul hit six fours in his first 17 matches and for the remaining innings, he tried his best to make Kings XI choke-proof. He didn’t want any more crazy stuff to chase with his team.

Use a 149 kph yorker that breaks and loosens its stumps. All Mad.

Kings XI won when things got a bit far from the script. But in Dubai, where the script was ripped for shearing, placed in a box, tied to a rocket and sent to Mars, they found a man who was too deep.

Mohammed Shami was given five runs to defend in the super over. that’s nothing. That four more is an inside edge to end the game. Only the most exceptional bowlers could work in this terrible situation.

Like the one who stumped Alister Cook in two. Or those that rotate large circles around the West Indies on the reverse. Or who was at the 2015 World Cup as India’s pride and joy, as he ignored the ever worsening knee injury to keep him in charge.

Shami has not always hit those heights in franchise , but with no other option, he set himself up for something bigger here.

Rohit Sharma and Quinton de Kock were waiting. Two batsmen who like to stay under the ball and overcome it.

No margin for error again.

Shami put all that aside and ran with only one thought in mind. Hit the block hole. (“He was very clear that he wanted to go to six yorkers,” said Rahul)

Mumbai tried everything possible to throw them. His captain, who is one of the cleanest hitters on the field, was desperate to scoop the ball. It was a sign that he could not deal with relentless, brutal accuracy.

In IPL history, no one had defended a single-digit score in a super over. Then Shami also came along.