64 runs on the wall of Royal Challengers Bangalore for a seven-wicket win against Rajasthan Royals, in just 28 minutes after an unbeaten innings of 64 from the last 28 balls, AB de Villiers said he had “been very, very nervous” and Unsure “in such a chase. It was a 178-run target against the Royals, and de Villiers went out with a need of 76 with 42 after 13 overs and saw Virat Kohli bowled out on the very next ball.

When it came down from 12 to 35, de Villiers sealed Tanze for three consecutive sixes over Jaydev Unadkat and then Jofra Archer with a six with two balls to seal the match. Although it looked from the outside as if de Villiers went on yet again about his work with a calm head, he later said that it was not enough.

“I’m very, very nervous and uncertain [in chases] And all kinds of fun stuff [in my head], “He said in the presentation.” I try to hide it (laughs). I am very stressed like any player does before playing. I am proud of my performance, I want to perform for the team and there is no impact in our winning games. I want to let the owners know that I am here for a good reason. I want to believe in me and repay them. [For my] Families at home, people watching me, fans… all those things play a big role and obviously for themselves.

“AB is always someone who is ready to look at the team’s position and adapt their game accordingly. We have seen him do it this time and that. I think he is the most affected match winner in the IPL.”

Virat Kohli on AB de Villiers

He said, ‘I want to play every time. [In the] Even the last game I did not play, I did not play my role and I should have played too, and I was very happy in this game. “

In the Royal Challengers’ last match, against Kings XI Punjab, de Villiers was asked to bat at No. 6 and scored only 2 runs as his team battled at the loss of eight wickets. Now back at No. 4, he scored his fourth half-century of the season, and probably scored under the most pressure as it was the first match to be chased. De Villiers said that in such a tight finish, he “imposes” himself on the bowlers.

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“I try and get myself out of there and show that I exist, show them that I’ll stick to my game plan and I’m going to be a threat if you don’t get me out,” De Villiers said. “It’s a cat-and-mouse game, or a game of chess as you like to call it. I always respect bowlers. If they bowl well for me, they will have the upper hand and I I’m going to do everything. ” I am in my ability to turn the tide. Luckily for me that is working today. “

De Villiers hit six sixes and finished with a strike rate of 250, but said he hardly got any from the middle of the bat.

“Honestly, I didn’t kill [even] One of them [sixes] Actually quite far from the middle of the bat but close enough in the middle to get beyond these limits, “he said.” There was a huge boundary on one side and when Unadkat was bowling. [the 19th over], I was looking at the feet… to be very honest, I was very worried because I knew I would have to hit them well. Luckily I hit a couple and dropped him from my game plan, and upset him to the end. We got some important runs before the last over. ‘

Kohli said de Villiers adapts his game according to the team’s status and is “the most influential match winner in the IPL”.

“AB always grapples with the situation,” Kohli said. “AB is always someone who is ready to look at the team’s position and adapt their game accordingly. We have seen him do it this time and that. In my view he is the most affected match winner in the IPL. When he goes. [to bat], The opposition knows that they have got a slim chance and there is a good reason for it. To be able to chase down over 50 in four overs and finish the way they did … This is purely due to the presence of the man, as we feel we are playing. Are never out. “