“The difficult situation will make me stronger,” Virat said, referring to his non-return to India

Even after his father’s death, Indian fast bowler Mohammad Siraj said that captain Virat Kohli’s ‘powerful’ advice helped him a lot in preparing for a tough series against Australia. While carrying out his professional responsibilities, Kohli had to face personal tragedy. Kohli died as a teenager in the 2007 Ranji Trophy match, but returned the next day to score a brilliant score for Delhi.

Siraj’s father Mohammad Gauss died of a lung ailment in Hyderabad last week. He was 53 years old. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) gave Siraj the option to return home but the fast bowlers decided to play for the national team. Thirty-six-year-old Siraj said during the Indian team’s training session, “Virat Bhai said, ‘Mian, don’t take the tension and get stronger.’ Your father wanted you to play for India. So do it and don’t stress. ‘

He said, “The captain told me that if you can get stronger in this situation, it will help you.” These were the positive words of the Indian captain and we were happy to hear them. In Siraj’s early days as a cricketer, his father used to drive autorickshaws and he has a great influence on this cricketer. He said, ‘This is my biggest loss because he was my biggest supporter. He wanted me to shine for our country and now I want to make his dreams come true.

Siraj also thanked his fellow mates for their support. He said, “I am thankful to my teammates for supporting me during this difficult time and for taking care of everything.” His mother had also advised him not to return from the tour, which starts on November 27 with limited overs. He said, ‘Ammi said that one day everyone wants to go. Today your father is gone, tomorrow I can be. Do what your father wants you to do. Play for India. He may not be physically present but I think he is always with me. ‘

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