Several Chennai Super Kings Staff Were Found To Be Corona Positive, With The Team’s Quarantine Period Extended

• Some of the staff and players of IPL 2020 CSK Kovid have been found positive in 19 Tests.

Even before the start of IPL 2020, many staff of Chennai Super Kings, captained by MS Dhoni, have been found to be Corona positive. However, the number of how many staff are positive has not been known. According to the Cricbuzz report, those found to be Corona positive include the staff as well as the players. 

The CSK team reached Dubai on 21 August and after that every member of the team was placed in a quarantine period of six days as required. The team was supposed to start practice from Friday, but the team has extended its quarantine period and now their training will start from September. However some teams have started their practice and some teams will start practice soon. 

The Chennai Super Kings had set up a five-day training camp in Chennai before leaving for the UAE. This camp was attended by all the Indian players in this team, in which players like team captain MS Dhoni, Suresh Raina participated. The camp was set up at the insistence of Dhoni, which was disclosed by the CEO of the franchise itself. He had said that we had proposed to Dhoni that if a camp is organized before going to UAE, he immediately said for that – Sir, we have not played cricket for four to five months, so it will be very beneficial for us. 

During this camp, the players practiced fiercely and this helped everyone to get back to rhythm. In this camp, Dhoni was also seen in a very good rhythm and was putting very strong shots. The players’ camp in Chennai was for five days after which they left for the UAE.