ENG vs AUS 2nd ODI: England Defeated Australia By 24 Runs, 1-1 In The Series

• England bowler Chris Woakes has revealed that his team had planned against Australia to attack the Kangaroo batsmen only and only.

England defeated Australia by 24 runs in the second match of the three-match ODI series in a low-scoring match. With this, this ODI series being played between England and Australia became equal. After this match, England team fast bowler Chris Woakes has revealed that his bowling plan was to attack the visiting team Australia and they should not be given a single chance.

England have reduced the Kangaroo team to 207, saving the target of 231 runs. Chris Woakes, Jofra Archer and Sam Kuran took three wickets each for England. Chris Woakes, speaking to Sky Sports after the match, said, “It’s always difficult for a batsman to score independently if you hold your length well. We definitely found that when runs are not scored Then pressure builds and then you get a wicket. “

He added, “Opportunities come when you are regularly able to throw an empty ball, so you are constantly trying to throw a good length. Make sure that the batsman hits your best ball as often as possible Is going to play Marnus Labushane and captain Aaron Finch had a hard-hitting partnership with 107 runs, but neither a partnership was formed before it nor a big partnership could become a Kangaroo player after that.

Vox said, “At that time just thinking about attacks and attacks. We were trying to get as many wickets as possible. We used the cross-seam quite a lot to reverse the ball and thankfully We got a little bit out of it. Eoin (captain Eoin Morgan) bowled to me and Joff (Joffra Archer) and we did well. ” The last and decisive match of the three-match series will be played in Manchester on 16 September.