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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Zaragoza announces its sale to an investment group headed by businessman Jorge Maas

Management will be carried out by Raul Sanlehi as the club’s general director.

Real Zaragoza celebrates victory at the Romareda Stadium.Royal Zaragoza.

Real Zaragoza, in an official statement this Friday, announced the sale of the club to an investor group led by the American businessman. George More,

According to the said statement, the operation is “conditional on a stay in the Second Division this season and authorization by the Higher Sports Council. Today is an important day in the history of Real Zaragoza.”

The first contribution from the new owners will be €16 million, which will be used to reduce the liabilities of Aragonese Sports Corporation, which is approximately €68 million, and to effectuate the purchase of the club by paying the shares of the current one. master.

The entry of the group led by George Maas into the club would mean 2032 acquiring shares controlled by the Foundation, assuming loan guarantees, of about eight million and three more, being only the second. Caesar Alierta, majority shareholder. In addition to another 3.8 million, the former Telefónica chairman has a personal loan, which he converted into shares in 2019 to become the club’s largest shareholder.

The investors’ first intention is to raise capital, which will be approximately $20 million, and attempt to refinance or eliminate the most imminent debt, most notably that of the competition, of ₹24.7 million, and the historical Treasury, which is about $10, to raise the wage limit. in relation. The global debt of the Zaragoza club as of last 30 June is close to 68 million.

Real Zaragoza de los Magnifos and the 1995 Recopa de Paris, with a history of 90 years, have been in the second division since 2013, and even flirted with relegation, a category in which it already played in 2001 and 2007. and since then it has experienced a sustained sporting and institutional decline.

a new stage

The statement announcing the sale said that “a new phase begins with a commitment to working towards the purpose that our club can compete again in a place that deserves the respect and fans it deserves.”

It specifies that “Our entity announces the acquisition of more than 51% of SAD’s share capital by a group of investors who have a stake in the world of football and in the management of clubs around the world such as Inter de Miami (USA)”. Has extensive experience, Racing Club de Lens (France) and Milanarios FC (Colombia).”

The group is made up of brothers, among other investors. George You Jose Mas Santos, Joseph Aughorian, gustavo serpas, Jim Carpenter You Jim Miller,

The arrival of new investors will result in a “debt reduction that will allow for a short-term investment that increases the workforce cost limit imposed by La Liga’s financial controls, to improve the competitiveness of the first team, as well as the renewal of infrastructure that will allow for a better first-team competitiveness.” Improves the experience for our fans”.

Both aspects, according to the statement, “are fundamental pillars to make Real Zaragoza a club with better resources and greater potential when it comes to growing both at the institutional and sporting levels.”

The new management team comes “with the aim of building a real Zaragoza that returns to the elite of Spanish football, with the full integration of Zaragoza values ​​being another hallmark of this new phase”.

In the statement announcing the purchase of Real Zaragoza, it was stated that “the club is a legacy of Aragon and, therefore, the project will have the utmost respect for the memory of the entity and its Aragonese roots, where the link will be maintained and with the club and its In addition to working on the internationalization of the city, the strong campus it already owned. raul sunlehias the general manager of the club”.

Sanlehi has over 25 years of experience following his professional development in FC Barcelona, ​​Arsenal FC and international football organizations such as ECA, UEFA and FIFA.

The statement specifies that “In pursuit of the goal of growing in all sectors under a campus of professionalism, effort and teamwork, all sectors shall be strengthened with highly experienced professionals in their respective specialties.”

“The project will be marked by the club’s desire to provide a team with the ability to compete with the best, to build infrastructure to improve services for fans, as well as investors promoting growth sport.” Will be marked by a desire to create synergies between the various clubs owned by, financial, commercial and brand,” he added.

The text ends by saying that “the new management team is aware of the situation that the club has gone through in recent years and requests the support and patience of Zaragoza fans for a project for which it will put its maximum effort and Will devote enthusiasm, rigor. and professionalism and financial support at work to achieve the goal of placing the real Zaragoza in the place it deserves because of its history and fans”.

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