Yulimar Rojas:

Nostalgia for the Time of the Affair, by Usain Bolt, looking for a remedy in sports through various youthful exaggerations. One of them is the Venezuelan jumper, who doesn’t aspire to win, she aspires to history.

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A Facebook message changed his life. When I was still a teenager, at age 19, with everything to gain or everything to lose, Yulimar Rojasso (Caracas, 1995) had a hunch: he could write to the best coach in the world, Ivan Pedroso, a soaring myth, and ask her if she’d like to work with him. He had never spoken before. They had never crossed paths before. “I didn’t even know if he knew me, if he had seen me at a competition. Before I wrote to him, I was scared because, Wow! Ivan Pedroso! I was nobody, I didn’t have titles , but I thought the worst thing that could happen to me was that I didn’t. He would answer me. And in his first answer he was very nice. He told me that he already knew who he was, he told some of us had seen the videos. Then we were more concrete, he offered to go and train with him in Spain when I arrived… I still remember the first time he shook my hand. The day I texted him on Facebook He marks a before and after for me”, recognizes Rojas in talks for EL MUNDO before the start at the Tokyo Games.

Look for gold in qualifying this Friday and in the triple jump final on Sunday, which is already around his neck, and especially the world record that eludes and opposes him. If he succeeds, he will be the brightest star in an orphaned game of light since March Usain Bolt.

Pedroso lives in Guadalajara and has a training center there. Did you adapt well to the city when you arrived?
It was all a blow. I had never left Venezuela, I was so young and, all of a sudden, other ways of living, other food, a whole lot of facilities like that… cold! I arrived in November and the cold was something new to me. It was hard to get used to, being away from family, but then everything was flowing and things were kept where we wanted. Right now I am very happy to be in Spain, and as a bunker, Guadalajara is very good for us. It is a very quiet city, there is only what is needed. So we’re away from everything, from parties, from distractions, and we focus on the jump.
He is passionate about Latin music, dance, and Pedroso looks very serious.
He’s serious enough, yes, but he also likes clutter, that we’re happy on the track, that we let go, because otherwise things won’t work out. We are not joking when you have to analyze training, work out any details, but sometimes you get deluded. It’s important to have that good relationship, that connection, between the coach and the athlete.
The triple jump world record stands since it was set Inessa Kravets In 1995, that is, 26 years ago. Do you need the right jump to cross those 15.50 meters?
It’s really about letting it flow. There are times when I feel like I want to break it, I want to break it, I want to break it and I forget that I want to be and let the jump. I have to take the competition as a training day and after a good race comes, a good technique… I have to depend on daily work and wait for the day to come.
How many times have you watched Kravets videos? Do you know him?
I have seen the video, of course I have seen it many times. But I didn’t get a chance to meet him. I saw that in an interview he talked about me and said to see the right person to break the record, but we never spoke. Maybe I will get a chance in future.
Carlos Pucheworld athletics

In the same year he reached 15.43 meters. Is the record already an obsession?
The most important thing right now is to win Olympic gold, it will get me to the top [en los Juegos de Ro 2016 fue plata], but the record is an important symbol for me. The medals hold, I know, but the record… the record makes me sleepy because it will be remembered for many years and because I am so close. I’ve been working long enough to break it.
Of course she’s a gold favorite, but for the podium… how do you see ana pelteiro?
to imagine! I see a huge change in him, I have a lot of faith in him. They have given an edge in previous competitions and there are good hopes in these games. Every day I watch her training and I know she is in good physical shape, that she can achieve what she wants to do. You just have to believe in it and go for it. Anita is up for great things, believe me Spain!
Looking back on his career: Luckily he left volleyball in Venezuela.
Volleyball was my favorite sport, thanks to volleyball I am an athlete. I fell in love with the sport watching volleyball teams compete at the Beijing Olympic Games. When I saw them, they filled me in the way that I wanted to do volleyball. I was a girl, but I knew I was tall for my age and I wanted to make the national team. I tried, I tried, but athletics completely caught me. It cost me because many times I missed training on the court to play volleyball with my friends and the coach had to come. to find me. On the other hand, the volleyball coach told me: ‘Come with us, come with us’.
Do you remember a happy childhood in Barcelona, ​​Venezuela?
Yes, we are very happy despite the economic constraints we have. My mom and dad tried to give us a little support. The upbringing and values ​​he taught us was the most wonderful thing in my life. I am very proud of where I was born, where I came from, where I grew up. You must never forget the root, I keep it in my mind and in my heart.