Home Sport Yulimar Rojas and Ana Peleteiro: two friends and two feats

Yulimar Rojas and Ana Peleteiro: two friends and two feats

Yulimar Rojas and Ana Peleteiro: two friends and two feats

The Venezuelan and the Spanish starred in one of the best finals at the Olympic stadium in Tokyo. The first achieved the gold and world record of triple, and the second hung the bronze after improving twice its national record.

Ana Peleteiro hugs Yulimar Rojas after the triple jump final in Tokyo.EFE

The stadium is not just any place on the Olympic stage. It is its genesis and it is its epicenter. This does not mean that the medals that are won on the track or the pits have more value than the rest. They are all the same, gold, silver and bronze, but some are more equal than others. Ask Yulimar Rojas Y Ana Peleteiro.

Venezuelan and Spanish, twinned by training and competition, turned the women’s triple jump final, one of the first in the athletics program in Tokyo, into one of the magical moments that the stadium always offers us. In the moat of the Japanese capital, 30 years ago, Mike Powell and Carl Lewis they stopped time and the storm to leap farther than ever, into the future, and leave a world record of longitude for eternity (8.95 meters). It had been 23 years since I was 8.90 Bob beamon in Mexico. Yulimar Rojas would finish, in a triple, with one that had lasted 26, by exceeding 15.50 in Inessa Kravets to leave the mark at 15.67. A 17-centimeter bite, no less, the bite of an athletic beast.

When you are in a contest of that level, with a unique champion determined to offer the best of herself, you have to take advantage of it, follow her trail. This is what Ana Peleteiro did until she became, at 25, the third Spanish woman to achieve an Olympic medal in athletics. Before they had achieved the marcher Mara Vasco, bronze in 20 km march in Sydney 2000, and Ruth Beitia, gold in height in Ro 2016. None of them did, however, in one of the best finals for the level of the brands. Ana, yes.

Double improvement

The Galician athlete is young but she is an expert. Maintains aggressiveness but is not dominated by competition. Tokyo was an example, as his progression, from qualifying, made him improve his own marks. In the final, he beat his Spanish record twice. He arrived in Tokyo with 14.73 and jumped 14.77 in the second attempt and 14.87 in the fifth and penultimate, which earned him the bronze. It was time to take a chance on the hunt. The same happened to Rojas, since his world record did not drop until the sixth attempt.

The level of the final was not limited to the marks of the Venezuelan and the Spanish. Patricia Mamona, from Portugal, did the same as the Spanish, jumping above the national record twice, the second above 15 meters (15.01). Big words. If Ana can achieve it in the future, it will depend on her progression, on how she manages to assimilate what this bronze in Tokyo has meant. He has plenty of time, since arriving in Paris at the age of 28, in full sporting maturity. In the Japanese capital he managed to jump 14 centimeters above the record of Spain. Of the barrier of 15 meters, they are separated by 13, in a specialty, triple, in which a good attempt achieves margins of improvement much greater than the length, when producing three supports. The show is at the Tokyo finale itself.


Rojas wrapped herself in her Venezuelan flag and spoke of love for her country that in these Messianic times is difficult to separate from love for the Maduro regime, both for the champion and for others. Those who govern do not hesitate to instrumentalize Rojas. Peleteiro accompanied her around the stadium, the Galician wrapped in the Spanish flag. Peleteiro defends his country and his land, Ribeira, but he also defends his race. All proudly and loudly. He speaks the same way he competes, without complexes.

They made that lap last as long as possible. Like all unique moments in life, you have to savor them, make the most of them. They will not return. The bad guys arrive without invoking them. They lacked the public, the same that vibrated with Powell and Lewis, in the 1991 World Cup, or much earlier with the participants in the 1964 Olympic Games. Comrades, assistants, volunteers and journalists we were not enough to silence the noise of silence . An empty stadium is like a ghost ship.

One of those in the stands was no casualty. Ivn pedroso, the great Cuban champion of the length who took the witness from Powell and Lewis, hid his emotion behind the mask, which minutes before he had mistreated with his screams. He is the coach of both, the one who has forged these two champions in his headquarters in Guadalajara, which is the closest thing to Astrix’s village. A man with each of his two feet on two steps of the podium. Spain, Venezuela and Cuba, then, together in a project that illuminates success in sport where the athlete is applauded above his country, whatever the flags say. For its people, the tribe is the athletics itself, and their home, the stadium, be it in Tokyo, Olympia or Paris.

World Cup postponed. Yulimar Rojas and Ana Peleteiro will meet again at the World Cup that was postponed due to the pandemic in 2021 and which will be played in 2022, specifically in Eugene (United States), between July 15 and 24.

European. Despite the World Cup being held, coexist in 2022 with the European dispute, in which the Spanish will take part as one of the candidates, after her Olympic bronze. Be in Munich, between August 15 and 21.

Diamond League. The most prestigious track in athletics will be another meeting point for these two athletes, especially after Peleteiro’s bronze. It starts on May 13, in Doha, and ends on September 7-8, in Zrich.

Reference from elmundo