Home Sport Xavi, the almighty in command of Barcelona | LaLiga Santander 2021

Xavi, the almighty in command of Barcelona | LaLiga Santander 2021

 Xavi, the almighty in command of Barcelona |  LaLiga Santander 2021

In times of crisis, Laporta grants him an independence that not even Guardiola had on the Barça bench.

Xavi in ​​his debut with Barcelona.EFE
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The Bara needed a tremendous jolt to trace an increasingly disappointing and dangerous trajectory. The revolution led to the announcement of the signing of Xavi Hernndez as a new Barcelona coach and, now, everything passes through his hands. Literally. Joan Laporta He has opted to grant him full powers in all areas, an autonomy that Guardiola did not even have at the time. The technical secretary, Ramon PlanesKnowing how little harmony between the two of them, he decided to leave the club and has already completed his commitment to the entity. And before the plague of injuries, the departure of Ramon Canal was also executed as head of the medical services. Ricard pruna, fully confident for Xavi and the heavyweights of the locker room, to be his probable replacement. And the hypothetical winter signings, in addition to the return of his friend Dani alves, will also have the stamp of the new technician.

With Xavi, in addition, the discipline has returned. The day of his presentation he made it very clear: it is necessary for the proper functioning of the costumes. And, in fact, he will be especially demanding with those with whom he shared experiences on the lawn, such as Piqu, Busquets, Jordi Alba, Sergi Roberto, Ter Stegen and, of course, Dani Alves himself. “It is a matter of order, rather than discipline. From what I have been seeing, we are a family, a pia, and that is what it is about. When we have had rules, we have gone well and coexistence has been good. It has been given a lot of importance, but it does not have it. You do not have to shout or be a sergeant, “says the technician.

“I do not know if the dressing room needed order, but I am clear that I have lived it and when there has been order and rules, it is when we have gone well. I do not know how it was worked before my arrival or it interests me, but it has worked for me. Without further ado, it is a matter of organization, of a group, of being a family, of attitude, of respect, of effort and of sacrifice. In short, of values ​​that cannot be lacking in this club, “he insisted. You know perfectly well that you have a lot of responsibility, but your pulse is not going to shake when making decisions. From now on, they are all yours.

“I am the one who has to decide, I am here to make decisions and I think we will go well. I will give everything. It is not a professional issue, it is a sentimental issue. I am from Bara and they will not take this away from me, But I am going to give up my life to make this work. I am going to tell the footballers that we owe ourselves to many people and we cannot fail them. Then, we depend on the results in football, but in terms of values ​​the public should feel proud of the team even when we do not win, “said yesterday a Xavi The one who has his debut in no less than a derby.

A derby as a premiere

“Espanyol is a very good team, it is very well worked by Vicente Moreno, it can press up or low block, it is capable of transitioning and it has physical power in strategy and air play. It is a very rich opponent, in many things. It will be a difficult game, with tension and a lot of pace, but we prepare to compete well, “he explained. “It is an extra motivation for me and for the players. You have to go for everything. Whenever you win a derby, you come out stronger,” he added. “I don’t know how defeats are managed. If they come, let it be as late as possible,” said the Barça coach.

The team enters the duel with many casualties due to injury. Therefore, he does not rule out that there may be some surprises in his lineup. What he is very clear about is that he has everything he has at his disposal right now. Even with a Philippe Coutinho which seems to be far from its best version or a Luuk de Jong that it has not finished being that revulsive in attack that, in theory, Ronald Koeman when I bet hard to bring it to the Bara. One of the things that interests him the most, moreover, is also recovering a Frenkie de Jong whose performance has recently plummeted.

“We have not arrived and we have said ‘we do not want these three’. We highly value the training sessions, the games, the spirit … Each person is different and we want to know how they are. Frenkie de Jong has to be very important to He has to reach the area, score goals, break pressure lines and be transcendental in the last line. Due to conditions, he has to make a difference, “he stressed.

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