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Xavi: “It’s disappointing to be on par with Rayo at home” | LaLiga Santander 2021

At the club he is confident that the imminent arrival of Marcos Alonso and the possible arrival of Bernardo Silva will raise the level on the pitch.

Lewandowski, lying on the grass after a missed opportunity.Joan MontfortAP
  • long term Barcelona has a hot glow at the start of its new era

In the end, Barra’s debut in the league did not live up to the expectations created by neither the game featured in the preseason nor the big names joining his squad this summer. Javi Hernandez is well aware that the pressure is going to be huge this season. And, for the moment, he understands that Barca fans may be experiencing a moment of disillusionment. “Earnings with Rayo are disappointing, but we have to continue to believe in the model”, the Barcelona coach highlighted in a statement to Barra TV as soon as the match ended.

“I am disappointed. Many expectations have been created and starting out like this is not doing it in the best possible way, but we already knew how difficult Rayo would be. We had to understand very well how to do it We have to do and circulate the ball a lot. Well and it has cost us a lot on various occasions. And, moreover, although we have reached this zone, we are not effective. We have to watch the game and analyze it have to do, continue to believe in the model and work hard”, insisted Barra Coach.

The atmosphere of despair, of course, was common to all members of the Barca squad. He analysed, “We came to start the season on the right foot, knowing that last season Reo cost us a lot, but it didn’t happen. The team created opportunities and defensively, we were good. Shame,” he analyzed. Eric Garca In front of DAZN cameras as the match ends. And that, as the centre-bench insisted, they had been warned in advance. “El Rayo presents a game that closes a lot from the inside. It makes life difficult for us, because the free man is hard to find, and the goalkeeper, moreover, has made many good saves. This Satisfied with the kind of game, you never stop, especially if you don’t win. We have improved a lot, but we have to correct our mistakes and go for real”, Znj.

Waiting for Marcos Alonso and Bernardo Silva

DmitrievskyIn fact, he not only stimulated Azulgrana to maximize the clock speed by playing as a veteran, but he was also in charge of frustrating the very best shots. Sergio Busquets either anu fati, In the last three matches he has played against Azulgrana, in fact, he has been able to deflect 10 balls that were sent between the posts. He also added to Lal because of the accumulation of warnings that, in the end, would prevent him from staying at Anoeta the following week. Figuring out who will be his replacement will be one of the puzzles Xavi will face, who may get new additions over the next few days.

arrival of mark alonsoIn case of non-registration of Kaund, it is assumed. You Bernard Silva Duel seemed to have Manchester City fans saying goodbye with full rules citizens They beat Bournemouth 4-0. something that the President, Joan Laporta, assumes practically. “Many people saw the bad omen and thought we won’t achieve it, but if you work hard, you get what you want. And it’s not over yet. We’re on day 13 and there’s work to do. There’s more than half a month left for. Some incorporation that makes the team more competitive”, assured the top Barca leader before the DAZN microphone, long before spoiling Barca’s start in the league.

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