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Xavi: “I don’t want to think that they obviously whistle us badly” | LaLiga Santander 2021

Xavi: "I don't want to think that they obviously whistle us badly" |  LaLiga Santander 2021

The Barca coach avoids making accusations against the referee’s performance and sings Mea delinquent for the team’s pit. “There will be criticism and I love them all, because as a coach, I am the first person who is responsible,” he says.

Xavi, during Barcelona-Rayo.AP
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The Camp Nou crowd went home doubly angrily. On the one hand, with a team that repeated the mistakes made against Cádiz and lost 0–1 again at their stadium. and, on the other hand, a . even with the performance of diaz de mera Which harmed him on many occasions from his point of view. XaviInstead, he preferred to give the referee a vote of confidence. Although, yes, he insisted that it would probably be good, as do the coaches and players, to give their explanation after the game.

“I haven’t seen the play. Is it a penalty? He has to come out and speak. I’ve made a mistake as a coach, especially on the motivational issue, and I go out and say it. I can say if I Was wrong, but not about others. It would be a lack of respect”, said the Barca coach when the arbitration action first surfaced. “I understand the fans are angry, but I neither win nor lose anything. Your partner says it’s a penalty, what can I say? I don’t want to think that they clearly tell us misinforms… they will have to talk, explain themselves. I can’t speak for them. Thus, maybe we will make them more human,” he insisted.

From his point of view, the main person responsible for the new Barca stumbling block is none other than himself. “There’s going to be criticism, I understand it, I tolerate it and I accept it all, because, as a coach, I’m the first person. Five games left and we’re going to give it our all.” are”, insisted a Xavi who is well aware that everything happens even through recovering the best version of the Azulgrana game. “This doesn’t happen to us like other teams at Barca. If we don’t play well, we don’t win games, history says so. We have to be self-critical and change the dynamic again from Sunday”, He insisted.


“I’m going like all porters, upset, annoyed, however you want to say it, but also disappointed. The Cadiz pattern is repeated, they move and we are unable to tie. We lack effectiveness If the tie had come, with enough time, we could have won the game. Now, we have made it difficult to qualify for the Champions League, with two games at home that we should have won”, he analysed. From their point of view, finding inspiration is important.

“This year we have to motivate ourselves to at least finish second, it’s not what we like, but that’s what we have to do. We have to motivate ourselves, because we want to play in the Champions League and Want to participate in all competitions next year. , but this year it’s for what we do. We have to grow and improve so that three points are here on Sunday”, assures Xavi who has a completely lapidary sentence Also left: “The team doesn’t know how to live fans. We need them more than ever and they’re always in the top ten”.

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