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Xavi casts fence for optimism: “There is tense peace in Barcelona” | LaLiga Santander 2021

Xavi casts fence for optimism: "There is tense peace in Barcelona" |  LaLiga Santander 2021

Santander League 2021 – 2022

Barcelona-Seville (D/9:00 pm)

The Azulgrana team faces Sevilla this Sunday with the aim of taking second place

Javi Hernandez, second coach.alejandro garcaEFE

xavi hernandez He has taken advantage of the last few days to explain aspects of his methodology to some media in private meetings. where in barcelona Around Feeding needs constant debate, influencing the media vortex is also an essential part of the job. Because Xavi, despite the fact that his team has not lost since 20 January (when they were knocked out of the Cup in San Mames), despite the fact that they have won 0–4 over the Bernabeu, which was the last Refers to pride, also aware that defeat in football is always near. Or, as their close friends like to say carles puolo“The hardest thing to do to win is to win again.”

So Xavi, duel against Sevilla on this Sunday’s eve, which could put Barra in second place with less than a game to spare. Julen LopeteguiEnd that wave of optimism caused by the remarkable improvement of a team under whose command Ronald Komen He looked hopeless. “I know home and I know where I am. It’s bara and it’s normal. So I can’t relax. It’s a tense calm. These past few weeks have been good for us (the Catalans have played their last five leagues) have won the game), but against Sevilla we face another final. Here are the critics, opinions, daily judgments … Although I like it, because I am very competitive”, confirmed the coach of Barcelona.

And he continued: “I don’t know if I have journalism credits, but I feel a lot of support in the club, both by the sports sector and the Presidency. The project is going very well. Although one day we will have to tie or Give up. When it’s whatever, we keep working and we won’t hesitate. I think sooner or later it will all bear fruit. But there’s a problem here.” Around, There will be doubt and criticism. But when we lose, we will work to bring back the victory.”

It was Xavi’s turn to confront some recurring themes from his media pulpit. as a continuation Dembley, now that the footballer’s agent and Barcelona’s sports management intend to face a new conversation. “I see Usman very happy, associated with the project. I don’t have a single complaint at the professional level. And it depends on him. I have that clear. He is a high level footballer, if he does a good job Does, can be the best in his field. Position. He makes a difference and the way I want to play, with pure wings, he’s great. He already knows the project here and now has him in the club. Have to understand together.

Barcelona’s coaches were even more powerful with the renewal of Ronald Araujo And GavicStill stuck ahead of the tight pay plan put in place by the football director, Matu Germany: “The club cannot afford either of the marches. They are the present and the future. I want to think that both will live and be renewed. They are transcendental”.

Nor did Xavi Hernandez miss an opportunity to praise the trajectory of Barra’s women’s team, which managed to draw 91,553 spectators in last Wednesday’s win over Real Madrid that enabled them to qualify for the Champions League semi-finals. “Women Barra is an example. Right now it supports Barcelona. It’s the model you have to play with,” said the coach, who claimed to be “excited” at the stadium box, except that Ricky PuigoMen’s first team footballers were not seen.

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