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World Cup 2022: Thousands of security guards were exploited by their companies at the Qatar World Cup

World Cup 2022: Thousands of security guards were exploited by their companies at the Qatar World Cup

Amnesty International condemns forced labor exposing migrant workers to stadiums

Recreation of Lusail Stadium, one of the stadiums to be built by Qatar for the 2022 World Cup.World

When the choice of the venue of the FIFA World Cup in 2010 gave Qatar the victory to host the 22nd edition of the tournament, the Qatari government planned a new decade in which they would begin to develop a large number of projects. However, according to Amnesty International, the construction of state-of-the-art stadiums, luxury hotels and a new metro violates the fundamental rights that all workers, whether foreigners or not, should have. According to a report published by the agency on Thursday, a large number of security guards have been found and are still in a state of “forced labour”.

In this sense, Amnesty has documented the bad experiences of 34 employees in Qatar, corresponding to eight private security companies. “Labourers, who are physically and emotionally exhausted, continued to go to work under threat of economic sanctions or under threat of termination of their contract or deportation,” he said. Stephen CockburnDirector of Economic and Social Justice at Amnesty International. Security personnel interviewed, all migrant workers told this is normal “Work 12 hours a day, seven days a week and without a day offIn addition, a Bangladeshi guard has said that he has not taken “one day off in three years”.

For its part, the Qatari government announced far-reaching labor reforms in 2019. of them, the end of kaflah, “sponsorship system” or “support”, which included labor exploitation used to monitor migrant workers. The country’s new law limits working hours, including overtime, to a maximum of 60 per week, and requires all workers to have one paid day per week. In addition, harsh sanctions were to be imposed on companies that did not comply with this new law.

hard work conditions

Even though this new system was sold to the world, 29 out of 34 security guards told Amnesty International that working 12 hours a day had become a normal routine, and 28 said they had been denied the day Well, they have a break. Thus, most worked 84 hours a week. edsonFrom Uganda, said of his employer: “They told you: ‘We don’t have enough security, so you have to work’. We had no choice. If your supervisor tells you to go to work, you have to leave, or you will get a pay cut,

Fifteen of the interviewed guards were asked to work in intense heat, even during the summer months when outdoor work is restricted, with neither shelter from the sun nor This is flowing water. At the same time, the Qatar World Cup organizing committee said in a statement that the three contracted security companies presented “absolutely unacceptable” violations of labor regulations and were included in the “blacklist” to revisit future projects. Don’t work “Unique even by international standards,” he said.

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