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World Cup 2022: The unexpected dilemma of Gerard Pique, Luis Enrique

World Cup 2022: The unexpected dilemma of Gerard Pique, Luis Enrique

The Barca central defender, who resigned from the red team after the Russia 2018 fiasco, has his mind set on playing the World Cup and Luis Enrique will have to decide if he will call him back.

Pique, in his last game with the national team in Russia.AFP

There are 236 days between today and November 21, Monday, when the World Cup starts in Qatar. less than eight months. At the time, the Spanish football team, which had a bleak and bright match against Iceland in La Corua on Tuesday, would play only six games in the group stage of the League of Nations. Four in June (Portugal, Switzerland and, twice, the Czech Republic) and two in September, then Switzerland and then Portugal. Just two more concentrations before the first fortnight of November luis enrique Publicize the list of 23 players (perhaps FIFA will allow 26, but it is not certain whether the coach wants to use those three extra chips) who will travel to the World Championship. A list on the horizon of which an unexpected unknown is taking shape: Gerard Piqué,

Today, the Barcelona centre-back, owner of 103 games with the national team, champion of the 2010 World Cup and Euro 2012After the devastation of the World Cup in Russia (2018), the one who left the team voluntarily wants to play the World Cup. At 35 years old, and after four dedicated only to Barca, the best individual playing level he has reached since coming xavi hernandez The bench has made him think about the possibility of playing his fourth World Cup. As per consultations with multiple sources, he has yet to personally send it to the coach but if nothing changes, he will.

When he took over, Luis Enrique personally called on the player to ensure that his decision was announced two years before its completion (2016) in Albania, and then the coach effectively said in his goodbyes. I found that tenacity. What is unknown is what the Asturian coach will do if he is finally faced with the prospect of calling himself a player he likes and who seems to have been one of the regulars with him. However, with the calm captaincy of the ecosystem that has been created in the selection Buskets, with a group of youngsters, without any acquired flaws, supervised by veterans who know they are in the shadow of the coach and don’t complain about it, are now working so well that, Within the Federation, most doubt that the coach would put a veteran with as much weight as the pick. Yes, as Luis Enrique admits it is valid for him as sport, he will not hesitate to say it beyond the noise in the media.

In the coming months we will see the result of, for the time being, Pique’s desire for recovery. It would be one of the few doubts if she survives the World Cup list. “Work speaks louder than words, and I can’t tell you what percentage of this March roster will be on the World Cup roster. But come on, you’ll have to check out the latest call to see where the shots are going.” ,” he repeated after the win on Tuesday. And, indeed, although he began by calling several players (in total, and only since his return, in November 2019, he has used 55), the truth is That, since the European Championship, a base reaching 90% of the group is very clearly observed. Because, except for injuries, Luis Enrique pulls them whenever they are available.

in target, Unai Simon and Robert Sanchez They are fixed. right side, azpilicueta, left side, Gaias And jordi alba, as centers, inigo martínez, La Porte And Eric Garcia, in the center of the field, Buskets, Rodri, coke, padrea, Gavic And mark lorente, and for the above three terms, Fernando Torres, Daniel Olmo, Sarabia, jeremy pino And alvaro morata, In total, there are 19 players who are practically immobile, and there will be a third goalie missing (the most precarious position), a right back (carvajal He is the one who has the most options, but he can also choose to call in Marcos Llorente as the winger and leave another hole in the center of the field for the guys Mikel Merino or Carlos Solar), the central chamber (that’s where the pick appears, though Paul Torres parted with an advantage today) and a midfielder (again Merino or Soler) or another forward, which could happen, if they manage to recover, Mikel Oyarzabal or Anu Fatik, but, Gerard Moreno part with a profit, for example, Thomas RowleyWounded in his second consecutive Citation this March window.

“I want three incredible players to show up now and make it more difficult for me, as a coach I am happy, but I insist, you only have to analyze the latest call”, the coach again Thrust, who has produced the author selection and, after years of searching, has found the broad base of his project, which never ceased to touch-ups or stellar appearances, like Pedri and Gavi did in their days. acted in, has been decided today. Of course, anyone who wants to take on that role will have to hurry, as there isn’t much time left to get on that ship.

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