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World Cup 2022: Pedri’s year with Spain: silent leaders and family values

World Cup 2022: Pedri's year with Spain: silent leaders and family values

Spain – Iceland (m/20.45)

“I look back and I think it’s crazy,” the midfielder says just after the anniversary of his debut.

Pedri with the ball during a friendly against Albania.AFP
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the first time that luis enrique seen playing padrea They did this through an application used by elite coaches (at the time it would certainly be MediaCoach, a technology developed, among others, by Robert MorenoThe assets of LaLiga and the body it presides thebes When Moreno took over the selection in March 2019, he was removed from the federation). Luis Enrique was described as a little boy who had an extraordinary ability to play in small spaces, with exceptional peripheral vision and was technically very well gifted. It was 2018, long before the boy’s debut in the second division, which happened in August 2019 at the hands of pepe mail, “In that application we saw a reduction in his participation in some sports and we already saw that what he did at that age and in that category meant he had something special,” Luis Enrique said on Monday. Pedri was still playing in the Las Palmas subsidiary and was 16 years old then.

He didn’t lose his track. Pedri signed for Barca and began playing in September 2020. Luis Enrique, already in the elite, waited a few more months, but last year in March 2021, specifically on the 25th, he made his debut against Greece and since then. All in all it passed too quickly. He has become the leader on the field of a team that believes it has the right to dream of a world championship. Symbolically, in this concentration he chose the number 10, which is the meaning of that number in the history of football. “I was free. In the Eurocup I wore 26, but can’t take it now, so I took 10,” he explained in the Riazor press room, where Luis Enrique’s young Spain face Iceland this Tuesday.

“everything happened too quickly”

The leader, to his apologies, must have emphasized this, as he also explains it. “I don’t have the quality to be the leader of anything. I think the key is that we are all united in the group,” he said, while, yes, he, like everyone else who watches these few months How his life has changed in me, he also feels dizzy. “Everything happened very quickly. Two years ago he played for Las Palmas and now for the national team and for Barca. Sometimes I go home, I look back, I reflect, and I see That’s really crazy,” he says in a new sample of how well-equipped the baby’s head is. Something that highlights your technician here as well. “He has to improve on everything, but with the ability and the talent to attack and defend, he will do that,” he said. He has the right mindset too, because he’s surrounded, I know, by a great family, which has given him some very important values. It is very difficult for you to raise a son with the level of this game and make him the same level, fantastic, personally,” says Luis Enrique.

And he himself confirms it. «I do not test the peace that I have. My family always helps me to keep my feet on the ground, they have prepared me to face everything that comes”, he resolved at the press conference before tonight’s conflict, where Luis Enrique of course Will leave them for the last minutes, Well, Asturian intends to play everyone called in this call.

only 19 games

Whether he likes it or not, Pedri is the leader of a group that has even remembered him in the first half of the year. The Canary, who is always one of the players to score the most kilometers during matches, There is only 1,540 minutes in 19 official matches this yearCommon because he has been injured in the first half of the year (August to January), probably as a result of the vandalism he suffered last year, ending in 68 games and more than 4,400 minutes between league, champions . , Cups, Classification of Games, European Championship and Olympic Games.

In Riazor, in their 2009 World Cup defeat to Belgium (5–0) in South Africa, it was where Vicente del Bosque put together as headlines for the first time, Xabi Alonso already Busketspulling Town left and put Towers Center forward. Here, in Riazor, it can be said that the team that later became the world champion sprouted. he didn’t play that day iniesta, who started a year full of injuries, the man with whom everyone compares Pedri, including his coach Xavi. «It is a matter of pride for me that they compare me to my idol, but I don’t think I can reach what he did. I try, and it serves as motivation,” he said, who is aware of his weight, “and I normally take it without much ado.” So that.

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