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World Cup 2022: A thrilling Ukraine beats Scotland in Glasgow and moves closer to the World Cup

Yarmolenko, Yaremchuk and Dovbyk gave victory to the Ukrainian team, which will play next Sunday against Wales for the final European spot in the World Cup.

Ukraine’s Yaremchuk celebrates his goal in Hampden.Andy BuchananiAFP

Andrey Yarmolenko Said go crazy His family was in Kyiv when the Russian offensive began, and the striker, with West Ham in London, could only wait for his wife and children to cross the border. “I couldn’t even speak,” the striker later admitted. Ukraine captain Yarmolenko didn’t know how to react after scoring the most emotional goal in his team’s history in Hampden on Wednesday. He looked ahead and waited for his companions to hug him. He didn’t even point a smile. Sports liberation has nothing to do with emotional liberation. Nor happily.

Ukraine beat Scotland in Glasgow to move closer to the World Cup in Qatar. There is still a final boundary in next Sunday’s match against Wales in Cardiff Gareth Bale Which would define the final European spot in the World Cup.

A sunny afternoon in Hampden will plunge into the collective imagination of football. Ukrainian football players took to the field with their country’s flag tied around their necks, before general applause and with stands laden with banners calling for the end of the war. He sang with emotion, and convinced himself that he could not fail.

Ukraine, which had not played an official match since last November 16 (0–2 against Bosnia), had been able to play barely three friendly matches since the start of the war, and which had to prepare for the semi-finals. play off In this playoff in relegation to Slovenia, he did not charge for inaction. In fact, Scotland, which has not participated in the World Cup since 1998, was overwhelmed by a group of alexander petrakov From very early morning

Ukrainian football players posing with flags.s. hepelAP

goalkeeper Craig Gordon He did what he could for Scotland. he saved a point-blank shot with his fingers tsygankov, He managed to delay the glory for a while to Yarmolenko, who would return to complete the work. Malinowski He launched a very long pass which the three Scottish centre-backs were unable to interpret. Only Yarmolenko did, who showed his excellent class in controlling and lifting the ball at the exit of the goalkeeper. Ukrainian fans in Hampden responded to the beautiful goal by waving their flags.

Far from slow, Ukraine started the second half with the same conviction. yeremchuki, the Benfica striker who burst into tears in the middle of the game last February, with his head down to 0-2, had no chance for defenders to get on the fly. Yaremchuk ran as fast as he could across the pitch, jumped over the fence and asked for the gratitude of the fans, who were proud of the efforts of their players. Some footballers who have never denied a career, a defensive help, a final attempt to win a win that the Scots tried to question in the anguished final segment.

a serious goalkeeper mistake bush-chan After an innocent blow by McGregor, he sent the footballers steve clark Eleven minutes from the end of the game. Not only did he arrive on time, but he conceded a third goal in extra time. dovbiko, Petrakov closed his eyes and raised his fist to the sky.

Wells is now waiting in Cardiff. And you know that Ukraine is planning to give everything to make it to the next World Cup.

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