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Wolfsburg breaks Barra’s winning streak, but TURN doesn’t stop their appearance in Champions Final

Wolfsburg breaks Barra's winning streak, but TURN doesn't stop their appearance in Champions Final

The Catalans have scored 46 consecutive wins in official matches as Atlético managed to beat them 4–3 in the league last year.

Barcelona during their match against Wolfsburg.falk strongmanEFE

Barra had to gnash her teeth in the second leg of the Women’s Champions League semi-final against Wolfsburg. In the end, the German team broke the impressive official winning streak that the team coached by Jonatan Girladze had accumulated so far after a 2–0 victory with a goal. Tabiya Wasmuth and Jill Ruard, but the turn could not stop the Barcelona players from proving their place in the final. Thankfully, in this case, thanks to a 5-1 achieved in the first leg match played at Camp Nou last week, resulting in a new absolute record for the public in a women’s football match.

The last time women lost an official match against Atlético de Madrid in the Barra League. The Red and White team defeated Barcelona players 4-3 on 1 June last year. In fact, it was the only defeat conceded by Azulgrana in the entire championship, although they lost 2–1 to Manchester City in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals after winning the first leg 3–0 on 31 March. , 2021. Rosiblancas, on the other hand, also managed to eliminate them on penalties in last year’s Super Cup after ending the match 1-1 in regulation time and extra time. The last loss in a friendly match, meanwhile, is the date of the last preseason, when the team girl days He also knelt 2-3 against Olympique de Lyon.

In this case, the loss against Wolfsburg came despite the fact that Barra, despite being satisfied with the proceeds achieved in the first leg of the semi-finals, took to the pitch clearly prepared to add a new victory to their figures. In fact, Azulgrana practically monopolized the ball in the first 45 minutes and surrounded the goal he had defended. almuth schultHowever, he managed to send only three shots between the sticks. Wolfsburg, for its part, had only two clear arrivals, of which only one led really well. Jill Ruard’s shot, very focused, in spite of everything, died meekly in the hands of Sandra Paos.

On the other hand, the half-time lap was quite favorable for the German team. in just two minutes, Tabiya Wasmuth, with a shot from outside the field, beat Barcelona’s goal for the first time in an action that needed to be validated by VAR. And, when the meeting reached the 60th minute, jill ruard A second time with another long shot was in charge of sending the ball past a defended goal by Sandra Paos. 2–0 encouraged Wolfsburg to be surrounded by more than 22,000 spectators at their stadium, and eventually Barra had to shoot ex-officio to avoid the bigger losses. Azulgrana, in fact, at least had some other option to shorten the distances, but they were left unmarked in the end. However, the end of the defeat was bitter. On 21 May, in Turin, they will play their second consecutive Champions League final, the third in their history.

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