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Witsel, Simeon’s unexpected centre-back who came from the hand of the key agent in Futre’s signing in 1987. LaLiga Santander 2021

Getafe – Atlético (7:30 pm)

The Belgian axis arrived for free at Atletico and today he will make his official debut as a central defender at Getafe. “In China they turned ‘potatoes’ into balls,” says Suárez Arons, his physical trainer during his time in China.

Axel Witsel during an Atletico training session.World
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Although it does not seem so, paul futre You Axel Witzel They have many things in common. One of them, the most important for Atlético, is a name and a surname: Luciano D’Onofrio,

In the summer of 1987, Jess Gilo Got on a private plane in the company of a young agent (32 years old). They were flying to Porto to meet Pinto da Costa, then president of the Blue and White Club, and close the deal to take on Futre, the fashionable name in Europe, Vicente Calderon. That was Representative D’Onofrio. After the deal was signed, the two flew to Milan, where the Portuguese star was waiting for the news, and they flew to Madrid in the company of the man who would become the club’s legend. His face shines on the membership card of the institution this season.

D’Onofrio, the son of the Italians who landed in Lige, met Axel Witsel two decades ago. He was the vice president of Standard de Lige and Axel, a boy convinced he would be a world football star. He will be crucial in one of the most difficult moments of the midfielder’s career. In August 2009, after an accidental play, Witsel broke the Polish man’s tibia and fibula. Marcin Vasilevsky, the player of Anderlecht, the great opponent of the standard. This became a matter of state in Belgium and prompted D’Onofrio to be part of the summit promoted from above. Vitsel has never been the same again. He moved to Benfica in 2011 after receiving threats.

D’Onofrio has been Axel’s agent for a long time and that made things easier for Atletico. The operation was handled personally andrea berthabut he was his agent, whom he knows Miguel Angel Gilo Since that distant episode with Futrey, who helped convince the player that his future passed through the metropolis. Before he and his wife were to organize a meal in Madrid, he received a call from the Red and White Noble Zone via his agent’s phone. From the very first moment we can verify that he is a mature, familiar and responsible person, they define him by the club’s offices.

China’s 16 million

This afternoon (7:30 pm) on the grass of Getafe, 33-year-old Vitsel will live broadcast his official premiere. And, astonishingly, he will do it as the third central defender, a position in which he has shined during an impeccable preseason. His arrival’s departure was the answer Hector Herrera, to increase the core cache, but Simeon, whom he had been dazzling from day one, saw something else in him. In Turin, during the last friendly against Juventus, in addition to his amazing passing accuracy, he suffocated and made the afternoon bitter for him. vlahovics, And it’s Axel who shocked everyone with the Spanish he learned at Zenit Javier Garcia (he also speaks french, english, german and portuguese) and he made piya lemaro and his compatriots carrascoAs a teenager is absorbing each sign.

Axel Witsel during a training session with Atletico.ATLETICODEMADRID.COMWorld

Luis Suarez Arrones, now FC Lugano’s physical trainer, knows him well. The two Chinese joined in that unexpected and exotic adventure of 19 months in Tianjin Quanjian. €16 million What Vitsel was offered per season was four times what he got in St. Petersburg. Axl makes fun of Louis from the other end of the phone with this diary that all mothers want for their daughter. At the professional level it is top notch. He takes great care of himself with a good diet and good rest. He is a very familiar person (he has three children) and with excellent playing habits, he states in his analysis. In China he used to play in the midfield and they would often send him potatoes which, in addition to controlling, turned into balls that gave meaning to the game. He delivers a lot of balance at the defensive level, he is a player that every coach has always loved.

effect of futsal

Witsel, who started out as a close in futsal under the influence of his father, ThierryBirth Martinique And a professional player for 12 years, he recovered in record time from a rupture of the Achilles tendon at Dortmund in January 2021. He was able, against the odds, to play the European Championship and become a starter in the Belgian team. Led by Roberto Martinez. For Suárez Arons, neither that injury nor his 33 years are no deterrent to Simeone being a key player in the drawing. For a player like him, playing positions where he rarely develops high speeds or sprints, the Achilles tendon hardly affects his performance. And in his case, everything is taken care of and the position he occupies, age will not be a problem either.

Although he has nothing to do with it physically, his touch, location and approach to the game remind fans of his tiago mendez, Axl doesn’t have a very showy game, as he is rarely seen bargaining, but he creates and balances. He has a physical appearance that garners a lot of attention because of his hair, his blue eyes and the handful of tattoos that he hides under his shirt. He is almost perfect in everything because of how he carries himself and how he is in the locker room, says Suarez.

Today Axel Laurent ngel Lambert Vitsel, just Axel in the locker room, begins his adventure with Atletico, with a one-year contract and a salary close to six million. He will do it as a key player in the Rosiblanco system. Just like Paulo Futre was in his day. It may be that, although they may not look alike physically or in football, the two will have more things in common.

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