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Wimbledon: Rafa Nadal Raises Level And Apologizes For Discussion With Sonego: “I Was Wrong”

He wins his best match of the tournament 6-1, 6-2, 6-4 and will play on Monday against Van de Zandschulp, whom he has already beaten in Paris.

Rafa Nadal celebrates a point against Sonego.Andy RenEFE
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After exiting a set of two different games, Rafael Nadal i had before lorenzo sonego Need to not only win but build up your conviction in your tennis before the second week of the tournament. So he did. They won 6-1, 6-2 and 6-4 in two hours and four minutes to qualify for Round 16, playing their best match ever in the competition. [Narracin y estadsticas]

His appearance at Wimbledon was up in the air until just a week before he began, when he successfully underwent fresh treatment for an injury to his scaphoid in his left leg. Three years after his last appearance at Wimbledon, and already with 14 Roland Garros titles and 22 Grand Slam titles, Fellow Australian Open Champion a . I don’t lose a match major Since he lost to Djokovic in the semi-finals in Paris last year,

This isn’t the first time Nadal has moved on as major tournaments progress. Among his many strengths is his ability to level the game as he covers the track miles and becomes more in demand.

Before 54-year-old Sonego, a daring competitor who is not used to lowering her arms, starred in a swift start that allowed her to gain an early advantage on the scoreboard. With two titles in his career, the first of them on the grass of Antalya, the Italian who is no stranger to the surface saw how the first set had vanished in just 27 minutes.

Bridging the gap between surfaces and rivals, this Saturday’s Nadal is somewhat reminiscent of what we saw in the Roland Garros quarter-final against Djokovic. He came out with the same kind of determination, to move the game forward on the fast track, with a showy, precise, intense, straightforward game, and with the weapons needed for the grass. defeated by federer In last year’s round of 16, Sonego ran into an even more adamant opponent.

many more gears

Nadal gears up for his matches turn it off You berankis, The Italian celebrated his first game of the second set, which meant an unfavorable 4–1, raising his arms and cheering the crowd. Having already made gestures of desperation on the way to his box, he showed a sense of humour.

cruising speed achieved by Djokovicwho faces this sunday Tim van RijthovenRevelation of the course on the grass, in the eighth, and even rebound Carlos Alcarazuwhat is measured with genetic sinner In the same round, he found an immediate reply in Nadal, who added arguments to be counted among the favorites for the titles already achieved in 2008 and 2010. If Sonego could imagine any hope for his modest improvement in the second set, it was to end the third set with an entry break. This time nothing was going to happen like what happened in the last two meetings.

Turin asked to light the track when he was already breaking in the third set. With Nadal 4-2 and Sonego serving, the match was halted for a few minutes to cover the court and turn on the floodlights. Parn was good for Transalpine, who got his first break with white and a four. At the time, Nadal took to the net to make an allegation: “Lorenzo, I’m sorry, but I think the scream is a little long”, he told them in terms of his verbal expression when he hit the ball. The two argued for a few seconds and returned to dialogue at the end of the game. “I didn’t want to upset her, I say it from the bottom of my heart, I tried to tell her in the best way I could,” he explained at the conclusion, after breaking up again and completing his brilliant work.

“I Won’t Do It Again”

Already in the press room, Nadal reflected: “I think I was wrong. I have spoken with him with complete peace of mind. I have disclosed a situation that was happening. If I went back I wouldn’t do it again. I told the referee earlier, the referee, who is one of the best, was waiting for the change to tell him something.”

“We are amongst coworkers who see each other every week. There are certain codes within the tennis court that must be respected. I think it was wrong to call the network and tell them things. He should have told him at the change of ends or waited for the referee to tell him, Things keep happening during the match,” Nadal explained.

The Spaniard was outraged at how the timing of opening the roof was managed. “The reality is that there was a clear direction as to when the sealing was going to close before the match. The referee said it was going to happen at the end of a set. Then you saw what happened (it was) off.” ) Ceiling with 4-2. When he hits the ball, he screams with 4-3 at a crucial moment, when it didn’t happen during the whole game. When I’m volleying and my screaming It gets long, it’s annoying. We can’t know if he did it intentionally or not”, the Spaniard said.

“Throughout the match we were about to stop at the end of a set. And we’re blocked at 4-2. I don’t understand that in any way. It’s real. I don’t know when Court 1 was closed, but it gives me the feeling we’ve been after. He’s been under pressure throughout the match”, he justified himself before assuring that “I’ve been to his locker room, I’m sorry sought”, he said.

His opponents will be in the Round of 16 on Sunday botik van de zanshulp, the 25 favourite, who defeated Richard Gasquet in four sets. Nadal defeated the Dutch player 6-3, 6-2, 6-4 in the second round at Roland Garros.

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