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Wimbledon: Muguruza out of Wimbledon in first round

He fell to Minnan (6-4 and 6-0) in a resumption of a match that could not be finished this Tuesday due to lack of light.

Muguruza during a match against Minnen at Wimbledon.Alberto PizzaliAP

First round of Wimbledon once again fatal for India Garby Muguruzawithout prior resources hello minne His worst performance in tennis was in a match that was suspended on Tuesday due to lack of lighting and restarted. With a 6-4 unfavorable, Muguruza, ranked 88th in the rankings, could only resist 19 minutes and walked away blushing 6-0.

“It was a very bad match and I lacked the level,” admitted the loser, who made 12 unforced errors in the second round, where she could only bet seven points out of 31. This disappointment added to his other two stumbles in the first round on London grass, where he had already fallen in 2014. coco vandeweghe and before 2019 Beatriz Haddad Maya,

“This Wimbledon has been a nightmare for me, I have bad feelings. Yesterday was a little weird day because there’s only 45 minutes left, it’s weird they kept us playing, but hey, my level is different on occasion Years haven’t been like that,” he said in statements from Vamos collected by Europa Press.

Muguruza was nothing like the 2017 champion at the All England Tennis Club. His repeated failures led to another hasty goodbye that had previously suffered Kaya Kanepi A month ago at Roland Garros. At the moment, he has accumulated 12 losses in his 20 matches in 2022, which is almost a balance on the antipode of the record for 2021, when he veered off course as the WTA master and number one in the rankings.

In any case, none of this changes Karakia’s mood too much. “I think the best Muguruza will come back, because I’m not that far off. I don’t worry too much about the moment, because I’m doing the right thing,” he analyzed during his press conference.

no resistance

Things started to get really complicated on Tuesday, when they were initially down 3-0. However, the 2016 Roland Garros champions were able to close the gap (5-4), hoping for a score. At that crucial moment, Minan knew how to manage parity and took advantage of the second ball break To score the first set.

The forced interruption did not take its toll on the Belgian, who was only able to sign up for one of his four preparatory matches on the pitch. He won the first game of the second set on white and broke his opponent’s serve. When she got back to serve, Minan did not break her and went 3-0 up. Garby was unable to put up a worthy resistance. Thus, he bid farewell to Wimbledon with an empty set. A 6-0 that reflects the losing streak and the worrying moment of the game in which he finds himself.

light years, for example, from his 2015 performance, when he fell Serena Williams Wimbledon finals. In any case, that disappointment against the legendary champion encouraged his sense of revenge, as only a year later he won his first Grand Slam (7-5, 6-4) in Paris. The second major will come in 2017, when he loses Venus Williams At Wimbledon’s Holy Grass Field (7-5, 6-0).

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